Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Slowly But Surely: GPS for Kids

One of the most most popular searches that brings people to this site is "GPS for kids.". It seems strange that progress has been so slow when interest is obviously so high.

In light of the horrid reminder of how vulnerable our kids are, with the two little girls that were abducted and killed last week (how incredibley upsetting), I decided to see how the progress was going in protecting our children from the liberal judges sick predators in our communities...

There are two products that look promising (but still not the implant I think there should be):

NuM8 GPS locator: Lok8u is a UK based company that offers GPS watches that notify the company and parents immediately if they are forcibly removed from the child's wrist. You can find your child's location on a Google map at all times by text or via the companies website. The watch is $200 and the GPS service is $10 a month. (source)

Then there's the newer Insignia Little Buddy GPS. This is a small device that you place in a child's backpack or somewhere on their being. The problem is, as you look at the device's location on the website-there is no way to assure it's still accompanied by your child. The device is $100 and the site has yet to name the price for the monthly service. It's currently available at Best Buy.

Both devices have their flaws, but I am encouraged that we are getting closer to protecting our children as fastidiously as we protect our vehicles...

(Wow, I wrote this on my phone last night and F&F just had a teaser saying there were going to talk about this after the break...odd)

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