Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Politically Correct World Annihilation?

"...The movie “2012” depicts the Vatican being blown up, along with the famous statue from Rio, Christ the Redeemer, we were unmoved. Why? Because this occurs during the end of the world in a massive destruction. This kind of sensationalism, we reasoned, is standard fare for director Roland Emmerich: he is the guru of the “blow ‘em up” genre of movies. But now we’ve learned that while Catholics get theirs, Muslims are spared. Out of fear, of course..." (source)

The Man and I wanted to see 2012. I dig "blow 'em up" movies... Until we found out that pre-filming discussions led to the elimination of any Muslim holy sites being destroyed when the world ends.

What the cowards film makers didn't seem to consider was the fact that this decision speaks volumes. They are basically saying Muslims are irrational freaks. They know they can blow up Christian, Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist icons and none of the aforementioned will hunt them down to chop off their heads, burn an embassy or even just protest the movie. They obviously don't think the same is true for the followers of the Religion of Peace.

How funny that their political correctness exposed their bigotry.

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Politically Correct World Annihilation?

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