Monday, November 02, 2009

My Continuing Issues...

A few weeks ago I told you that BOTH of our computers gpt taken down by some crazy virus that makes the computer go right to blue screen after start up (or sometimes just keep restarting themselves) but we can't keep mine on long enough to even run virus/malware software. We have been able to use The Man's intermittently when it would give us 10 minutes here and there. But Friday it died for good I think.

Can I once again reiterate the slow horrible death I feel should fall upon the creaters of PC killing viruses?!

My phone has internet, but it's not exactly preferable to type a post on the little Blackberry keyboard. Right now I am posting this from my Wii. I hooked the keyboard to it and am doing this on my TV--pretty cool the Wii has that capablility, but it's still pretty limited. I am waiting to hear from a guy that sells rebuilt towers and will transfer everything off my hard drive... Hopefully it works out because with all three boys' birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in October, November and December...I have NO extra cash for a computer (especially when mine was only 2 years old).
So, please bear with me as I deal with this newest Obamination ;) (hey, they blamed everything on Bush...)

(I really wanted to talk about Obama's visit to Dover AFB and whether you guys -the veterans especially- felt it was in sincere respect and concern for the decision he must make about troop levels in Afghanistan...?)

...and I hate that this won't have a picture --it just doesn't look like my site with pictureless posts...

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