Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Michelle Obama to Invade My Haven

Anyone that knows me "in real life" knows that you will always find one of two things on one of my many TVs...Fox News or the Food Network. All my 'friends' on the Food Network are there to take my mind off of politics and the sad state of affairs in the world and allow my mind to drift to Iron Chefs and Croquembouches.

Now, there is an upcoming Iron Chef America episode with Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali VS. Bobby Flay and Cristeta Comerford (the White House's executive chef). Now, Cristeta Comerford was actually the Bush family's chef (hired in 2005) that the Obama's kept much to the dismay of some Chicago chefs...

BUT, back to Iron Chef America, Michelle Obama will be the one revealing the "secret ingredient" for the battle...

I don't hate Shelly or hold anything against Chef Comerford for remaining in the White House employ post Bushy...but to hear SHE pursued this annoyed me. FN is my haven...my oasis...my escape from politics and when I open my new, crisp December issue of Food Network Magazine....this should not be the first thing I see:

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