Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KSM to Plead "Not Guilty"

"We now have heard from [Attorney Scott] Fenstermaker [Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali's lawyer] about the terrorists' plans. They will plead "not guilty" -- even though they do not intend to deny their involvement in the attack. They will use this as an opportunity to explain what they have done, and why, and to attack the U.S. further -- this time with words." (source)

They want to "put the USA on trial" --yeah, yeah, those of us with a brain didn't need the scumbags to tell us that. Apparently Eric Holder did...or maybe not, considering HIS firm has handled their share of terror cases (defending the terrorists BTW)...maybe this was his new way of getting them off.

This wasn't as interesting to me as one of the lawyers basically stating that it was only fair that the terrorists get this platform in New York given that America has had an open platform for the past 8 year to spread our propaganda... wow.

And, BTW, does someone named Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali even need a trial...?

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