Monday, November 16, 2009

If I Could Ask Oprah One Question...

This afternoon's Sarah Palin-Oprah interview must have been on my mind yesterday because I kept thinking about things that Sarah could have asked Oprah...

Then I got to thinking that would be kinda've a cool feature--"If you could ask ________ one question" (and I haven't abandoned the "2012 Meet and Greet" feature either...after today's Harpo appearance, tomorrow should be a good time to talk about Governor Pain).

So, back to my question for Oprah.

Ms. Winfrey, I wonder if you would answer this as candidly as you expect your guests to respond to you... If I were to play word association and someone said Oprah, "charity" would come quickly to mind. Given your inner drive to give to and promote charities (and activity I feel you would engage in even if you weren't richer than God), did it feel like a kick in the gut to learn that The Obamas gave so little of their wealth (they made 44 million in one year) to charity? That one of the things that could tell us of their true character...decisions that were made in private before the couple knew every aspect of their life would be scrutinized...reflects such a stingy heart?

That would be the question I would ask. I really do want to know the answer to that... Is there a better question? Maybe I'll forward this to her ;)

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