Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Game Six the Philly Phanatics

Yes, yes...given my middle son's love of all things Phillies, I have been watching the World Series--at least it's a sport that's easy on the eyes ;). ...Seriously though, I still say 9 innings is WAY too long, but at least at this point it's more exciting than during the regular season.

Between watching the game last night and seeing the Phanatic "Yo New York, Yank These" picture everyone in Philly (and a 50 mile radius) is texting to each other, I remembered a Philly Phanatic doll I had when I was little and how much I loved that thing. Given when the Phanatic debuted here in Philly, I must have been 7 or 8.

This memory prompted a little Phanatic research which yielded some information I wasn't aware of...

Not surprisingly, the strange green creature is the most recognizable of all the mascots (he was created by a Jim Henson affiliate), but it seems the Phanatic is also the most sued of all the mascots (the Phills once had to dish out 2.5 million for an overzealous bear hug).

The Phanatic has been voted 'best mascot ever' by Sports Illustrated Kids.

He was the only mascot to ever be assaulted by Tommy Lasorda and the only one that rides an ATV.

So there you go, a little useless Philly history for you in honor of the boys in red.

Anyway, for my Ninja's sake I'm hoping Werth, Utley, Rollins and Howard can continue to hold their own against A Rod and Jeeter...

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