Friday, November 13, 2009

Extreme Dieting: Tapeworm Diet

During my many years working in the Veterinary field, one of my best friends and I used to joke about eating a tape worm egg as a method of weight loss. Of course we were JOKING...

Now there's this new diet site and I feel like it has to be fake, but I saw a commercial the other day advertising proponents of the diet on some daytime show...

The Tapeworm Diet:

"How it works...

You take one or two cysts and then the worm will attach to the wall of your small intestine. It will grow over the
course of three months to a length of three feet. Then around day 85 you will take a dose of medicine to kill the
worm. Then you let your body rest for a month and decide if you want do it again.

How much it costs...

The costs depend upon where and how you get treatment. The average cost is $2,000.00 USD.

Why do I have to travel to Mexico?

There are state and federal laws against transporting or giving away the cysts of T. saginata.


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