Friday, November 13, 2009

Does "Fair" Matter When Lives Are At Stake?

A lawsuit filed by "a Black firefighters group" here in Philadelphia (aka the Philly NAACP and the Black Valiants) asserts that it's wrong that African Americans make up 45% of the City but only 27% of the fire department (source). Does this matter? Should this matter? Philadelphia Fire Fighters are hired by TEST SCORES (aside from the 11% quota that is still in practice). Who will sue next? Are the Asians representative of their numbers in the city? The gays? The cross-dressers? The Hispanics? Should we go on?

The law suit takes issue with the Union's website message boards claiming "The posts stated that black firefighters were promoted even though they were not qualified" Don' they get it? This is BECAUSE OF THE EXISTING QUOTAS! And those quotas tarnish those Black firefighters that scored high enough that they didn't need the extra 10 pts. afforded minorities...

Here's the thing...not being mean or anything, but I've helped more than one person study for this test and it's hardly rocket science. As a matter of fact, it ALL memorization. I'd wager I could get a 99% or 100% after a night with the study book...

If you score high no one can keep you out of the Department. Everyone has just as fair a shot at memorizing with ladder you use for varying situations...

But it all got me pondering whether police and fire departments (since they are funded with taxpayer dollars) be a microcosm of the city population even if it means lowering test or oral exam standards? And why the hell do standards need to be lowered to achieve that-how insulting...STUDY dammit!

People can say I'd think differently if I were in the minority...but I AM. I'm a WOMAN...and TRUST ME...women are WAY more underrepresented in the PFD than African Americans. And women already get relaxed treatment during the physical part of the training and I am against that too! No special treatment when lives hang in the balance.

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UPDATE: For a first hand account of this lawsuit and its implications on this Department, you can read Captain America's post over at First In (which he might regret writing should it get into the wrong hands here in Philly... *psst* if you take your pic off they can't prove it's your site!)

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