Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Almost an Anti-Obama Hat Trick

Virginia and NEW JERSEY!!! Wow. So much for Chessmom's "Democratic sweep" prediction.

Not the trifecta we had hoped for, but New York was so close and given all the things going against the 3rd party still sends a pretty clear message (to O!'s administration and the GOPers that still hadn't got the memo...)!

I'm thinking this never would have happened before 2010 without the Tea Party movement...

Obama's people can spin this anyway they want, but he stumped for both of the losing candidates. It's huge and his camp is reeling and I'm sure he's pissed (because he seems like the arrogant type that would be mad instead of sad or contemplative).

IF he did have a mandate, does this nullify or shrink it?

Speaking of referendums, my kids got an inordinate amount of Reeces Peanut Butter cups for Halloween-- I'm thinking this was a message to the school. You can dictate that I don't bring anything to the school that was processed in a plant that 60 years ago might have employed someone that had come from another plant that at one time processed peanuts...but you can't control what I hand out on Halloween...YET.

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