Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Abortion and Obama-Care

We found out this week that all the Democrats that had been insisting Obama-Care wouldn't fund abortion were lying. Liar! This was evidenced by the "Stupak Amendment", added to Pelosi's bill on Saturday, which removed the backdoor abortion funding from the bill. Obama is now calling for revision of the amendment so neither side feels betrayed (Can there be a compromise here? Either taxpayer dollars fund abortion or they don't!?)

Connecticut's Rosa DeLauro (who looks like she should be at a sit-in somewhere with patchouli oil and an alpha sprout sandwich...), abortion's number one fan, along with 41 other House members are freaking out. The bill didn't fund abortion, but now they're sending Pelosi a letter because it no longer funds abortion. Is anyone else confused?

"...Some Democrats say they are going to work to defeat the 64 members of the party who wound up voting for the Stupak amendment.

Calling abortion "a fundamental part of our belief system in the Democratic Party," the Democrats at FireDogLake blog pledge to support pro-abortion Democrats in primaries against the pro-life and moderate party members who backed Stupak. (source)

All these abortion advocates CLAIM they fight so women can get safe (safe for whom?), sterile abortions unlike the back alley days pre-ROE.

So what would DeLauro say about stories like this (which are a plenty) over 30 years after Roe V Wade?

In Utah a 17 year old paid someone $150 to beat her to end her 7 month pregnancy. She did no time because I judge ruled it was just an attempted abortion. The baby lived...and now the mother is seeking custody. (source)

And then of course there's this:

(video h/t: Two Ways of Renouncing the Devil)

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