Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2012 Meet and Greet: Former AK Governor Sarah Palin (R)

"The most talked about woman in America was supposed to be one of them, a liberal...not a Sarah Palin." -Bernie Goldberg

CBS's headline immediately after the Palin-Winfrey interview? "Poll: Less than 1 in 4 Have a favorable view of Palin." Greta Van Susteren asked last night why the MSM and the Left was so ruffled by Palin if she was actually the nothing they proclaim she is. Bernie Goldberg's assessment (above) is the best answer to that question I've heard. The fact that a Pro-life, non-Ivy league educated, mother of five commands so much attention is eating them alive.

Her "On the Issues" page is actually quite extensive.

Right now she would have a lot to prove to head a 2012 ticket. Quitting the governorship still bothers me without another job. If she ran for Senate in 2010...that would be a good start. She might also need to enlist the Clintons to help her make Levi go away...

I think Governor Palin's greatest hurdle will be undoing the harm done to her by the McCain staffers...and that's pretty sad.

Perhaps Palin/Dobbs 2012...or Dobbs/Palin?

(Past Meet and Greets: Gov. Gary E. Johnson, Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal, and US Representative Mike Pence)

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