Monday, November 30, 2009

Immigration Reform - I'm Conceding

"“Numerous polls over the past several years have found that the public generally respects immigrants for their strong work ethic, good family values and for the cultural contributions they make to American society,” the analysis says. “ But at the same time,” it adds, “ pluralities or majorities believe that illegal immigrants weaken the economy by using public services, failing to pay their fair share of taxes, not making enough of an effort to assimilate and, according to some surveys, contributing to the threat of terrorism and the crime problem. And, more generally, large majorities of the public continue to favor limiting the number of immigrants entering the country (73% in April of this year).” (source and New Pew Poll on Immigration)

Since Janet Napolitano's speech to the Center for American Progress, the immigration debate has been back on the table. What might surprise you is I'm over the "let's not reward illegal behavior" argument. Don't misunderstand's a VALID argument and I still agree with the premise 100%, but that's where I'm willing to compromise to get some real reform and tighter enforcement in the future accomplished.

I hate to admit I've been defined by a poll, but the boxed statement above does pretty adequately outline my feeling on the subject if immigration. I do respect the work ethic of many immigrants/illegals. I do hate that children have to live in an underground world subject to unspeakable things with no legal recourse, but I also hate that so many Americans have been subject to robbery, rape and murder at the hands of someone that shouldn't have been here to begin with...

Lou Dobbs may even agree with me-- This is how he responded when recently asked how to fix immigration reform:

1. "We need a rational, effective and humane immigration policy in this country."
2. "We need the ability to legalize illegal immigrants on certain conditions."
3. "We need to be able to influence the direction of the conversation toward securing the border because until we can control immigration, we cannot meaningfully, substantively alter immigration law because it would have no point if we cannot establish the basis for the control of the flow of people across that border." (source)

If what the DHS Secretary said in the speech is true and the "path to citizenship" truly includes a "big fine," "all past/unpaid taxes," "comprehensive criminal/background clearance," and a mandate to learn English then I think I am okay with that if this concession becomes a catalyst for secured borders and strictly regulated immigration...

Horrible Choice

Do you save your wife or son from drowning?

"...A man had to make the terrible choice of rescuing his wife or teenage son when their car plunged into a river at the weekend.

Stacey Horton saved his wife, Vanessa, and their 13-year-old son Silva drowned in the Whanganui River.
Mid-Central police communications manager Kim Perks said today it was a very tough call for Mr Horton. "I would certainly not have wanted to be in his shoes."

Mrs Horton, 35, was driving Silva, his best friend, Robert Palmer, 14, and the family dog when her Mazda MPV stationwagon went off Somme Parade in Wanganui and plunged down a steep 10-metre bank into the water on Saturday.
Mr Horton said he arrived at the crash scene, less than two minutes after the accident happened to hear his wife screaming in the darkness and to see Robert and the dog scrambling up the bank.

He tried to dive down to their vehicle, which was nose down, more than a metre beneath the surface, he told The Dominion Post.
"I tried to get down and get him but I couldn't, it was just too deep. And Vanessa was going under," Mr Horton told the newspaper.

"I made a call to pull my wife to safety. I looked back and I could see the tail-lights but it was too far and I couldn't get him.
"I just had to accept the fact that he had gone.

"Instead of going down and risking my life as well as my wife and son's, I chose to take V back and sat on the shore praying. It was all I could do."
Police and fire officers were also unsuccessful in rescuing the boy.

"It was an incredibly traumatic incident for everyone involved," Sergeant Andrew McDonald of Wanganui police said..." (source)

...I assume every married couple (or couple with kids) out there has hypothesized about this horrible situation? If The Man saved me and let one of our boys die could I ever forgive him? Should the father have given up so easy...assumed the boy was gone? Assumed he couldn't get to him in time? Ugh. This was impossible enough to read, let alone to live through.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Military Wish Lists

I just wanted to take a second to recognize, commend and THANK the TIRELESS efforts of Lordzmom at KEYSTONE SOLDIERS. She has been a steadfast fixture for advice...urgent needs...and just wishes for all branches of the military and all over the country (not just here in the Keystone state where she is based). I know that this time of the year is tough on many families and charity is sometimes the last thing we have on our minds.

But think, if everyone here donated just $5 at approximately 1200 visitors a day...we could raise $6000 in one day for SUCH an awesome cause!!!!!

Here is the current Military Holiday Wish List -updated 11/2009

* Christmas Stockings - 12" to 20" in size. Handmade or purchased
* Christmas hats - Santa or elf type
* Paper or plastic Christmas decorations - no glass ornaments or lights please
* *Cold drink mixes – Gatorade, Crystal Lite, Kool Aid or the individual flavor tubes you add to bottled water
* Ground Coffee (not instant) and hot tea. Coffee creamer and sugar packets too!
* *Power Bars, cereal bars, trail mix, granola bars and healthy snacks
* Ramen Noodle packs (the big cups are hard to pack and limit what we can fit in the packages)
* *Slim Jims, *Beef or Turkey Jerky
* Sunflower Seeds & Nuts
* *Individual snacks like chips, crackers, cookies, cheese/cracker kits
* *Peanut Butter & Jelly – small size plastic jars please
* Candy canes
* Small sewing kits and manicure kits
* *Sunscreen and insect repellent, Chap Stick with sunscreen, Carmex, Blistex
* *Body wash mens and ladies - small travel sizes (not hotel bottles)
* Shampoo - mens and ladies - small travel sizes (not hotel sizes
* Toothbrushes only, NO toothpaste
* Deodorant - travel size
* *Foot Powder and foot cream for athlete's foot
* Odor Eaters (for boots), Dr. Scholl's foot pads, blister pads
* Hand Sanitizer - small size bottles to carry with them
* Razors and Shave cream – non-aerosol only
* Mens and Ladies underwear in sizes Small, Med, Large
* Mens and Ladies calf high socks or boot socks in black or white.
* Hand and foot warmers
* Thermal gloves or glove liners
* New or used game systems like PS3, PS2, WII, Xbox or Xbox 360
* Video games for the systems above or small hand-held games
* *CDs and DVDs - New or used are fine. Current releases are appreciated
* *AT&T Global Pre-Paid Calling Cards (available at
* ****Money for shipping costs. Please!

You can donate through PayPal -the email address is: keystone @

-or- for those old school folks that prefer paper checks and snail mail:

You can download the donation form and mail it to:

Keystone Soldiers
P.O. Box 152
Fleetwood, PA 19522

or you can send a custom-made (by you) care package to this address (what a great thing to do with your kids!):

Keystone Soldiers
P.O. Box 252
5 S. Centre Ave (Route 61)
Schoolside Plaza - Suite A1
Leesport, PA 19533

There are soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines that are not receiving packages/letters...let's remedy that this holiday season!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crashing the White House State Dinner

Wow. I haven't watched news in a few days and had no idea this had transpired. Imagine having the cajones to crash the first State dinner in Obama's White House?!

"...After the Secret Service insisted that President Barack Obama was never endangered by a security breach that allowed a couple to crash his first state dinner, the White House has released a photo showing that not only did the pair get close to Obama, they actually shook hands and talked to him.

As the White House was disclosing that the Virginia couple, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, met Obama in the receiving line, a "deeply concerned and embarrassed" Secret Service on Friday acknowledged that its officers never checked whether the two were on the guest list before letting them onto the White House grounds.

The White House released a photo showing the Salahis in the receiving line in the Blue Room with Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in whose honor the dinner was held. Obama and reality TV hopeful Michaele Salahi are smiling as she grasps his right hand with both of hers and her husband looks on. Singh is standing to Obama's left.

The Secret Service earlier this week had said the president was not in danger because the couple - like others at the dinner - had gone through magnetometers. But in light of their close proximity to the president, no such claim was made Friday..." (source)

It looks like there were more Representatives than Senators. Hillary and no Bill. Katie Couric, Thomas Friedman and CNN's Sanjay Gupta. Rahm's brother Ari Emmanuel was there (it's rumored Entourage's Ari is fashioned after the COS's brother). Colin Powell's endorsement secured him and his wife a seat. Interesting to see Pennsylvania's Fast Eddie (Ed Rendell) and M. Night Shyamalan. Wouldn't you love to know the reasoning behind some of the pics? (You can see the entire guest list here).

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gratitude is Good For Your Health

"According to a report Wednesday from The Associated Press, “academics have long theorized that expressions of thanks promote health and happiness and give optimism and energy to the downtrodden. Now, the study of gratitude has become a surprisingly burgeoning field, and research indicates being thankful might help people actually feel better. There’s a catch, however: You have to say thanks more than just once a year.”

Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychology professor at the University of California, Riverside, told AP: “If you don’t do it regularly you’re not going to get the benefits. It’s kind of like if you went to the gym once a year. What would be the good of that?”" (source)

I am thankful for so many things, but like most people I need to focus on them all year and not just on days I'm making pumpkin pies and stuffin' muffins!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

I hope you resist the urge to get snarky because of the stress and the house guests and truly enjoy the family, food and conversation...

...and NO POLITICS at the dinner table! ;)

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why Didn't This End The Global Warming Hoax Debate?!

"The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t."

"Computer hackers have broken into a server at a well-respected climate change research center in Britain and posted hundreds of private e-mails and documents online - stoking debate over whether some scientists have overstated the case for man-made climate change.

In one leaked e-mail, the research center's director, Phil Jones, writes to colleagues about graphs showing climate statistics over the last millennium. He alludes to a technique used by a fellow scientist to "hide the decline" in recent global temperatures. Some evidence appears to show a halt in a rise of global temperatures from about 1960, but is contradicted by other evidence which appears to show a rise in temperatures is continuing.

Jones wrote that, in compiling new data, he had "just completed Mike's Nature trick of adding in the real temps to each series for the last 20 years (i.e., from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith's to hide the decline," according to a leaked e-mail, which the author confirmed was genuine.

One of the colleague referred to by Jones - Michael Mann, a professor of meteorology at Pennsylvania State University - did not immediately respond to requests for comment via telephone and e-mail." (Read the Entire Story or read it at the NYT --emphasis mine)

I have been pleading for the past few years for someone to explain to me how this idea of man-made global warming is persisting in some people's minds despite all the evidence to the contrary. There IS climate change...warming and cooling...that will probably always happen, but all these scare tactics only turn people off.

Do the powers that be think the American people can't conserve without the threat of ultimate annihilation? Maybe people that would recycle/compost/etc aren't now because they don't want to be seen as buying into the myth...and if we admit that while we do have a responsibility to the Earth...we are not responsible for it's weather (not warming now or cooling in the 70's) more people would be apt to contribute.

My lawn mower has no motor's fully ALa-powered. I have no doubt in my mind that I'm 10,000X greener than Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio and any of the other Leper Messiah's... But I do it because landfills ARE disgusting and it's just as easy to be conscience of the waste we are accumulating. I do it because I love my country and I don't want my kids living near waste and breathing in crap... I don't do it because the DNC told me the world was melting...

SNL Mocks Obama #2 and Charlie Sheen and the WWP

I'm starting to like SNL a little...

Okay, I know that I should be grateful that a "big star" like Charlie Sheen is lending his celebrity and trying to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project...BUT, Sheen is a 9/11 Truther. He believes OUR government perpetrated 9/ MUST think the troops are fighting needless wars...right? I don't know, I feel like him raising money for them is almost disrespectful to them. Am I reading too much into it? Should I just be grateful any cash he's generating...?

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(that's MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell BTW)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

KSM to Plead "Not Guilty"

"We now have heard from [Attorney Scott] Fenstermaker [Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali's lawyer] about the terrorists' plans. They will plead "not guilty" -- even though they do not intend to deny their involvement in the attack. They will use this as an opportunity to explain what they have done, and why, and to attack the U.S. further -- this time with words." (source)

They want to "put the USA on trial" --yeah, yeah, those of us with a brain didn't need the scumbags to tell us that. Apparently Eric Holder did...or maybe not, considering HIS firm has handled their share of terror cases (defending the terrorists BTW)...maybe this was his new way of getting them off.

This wasn't as interesting to me as one of the lawyers basically stating that it was only fair that the terrorists get this platform in New York given that America has had an open platform for the past 8 year to spread our propaganda... wow.

And, BTW, does someone named Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali even need a trial...?

Michelle Obama to Invade My Haven

Anyone that knows me "in real life" knows that you will always find one of two things on one of my many TVs...Fox News or the Food Network. All my 'friends' on the Food Network are there to take my mind off of politics and the sad state of affairs in the world and allow my mind to drift to Iron Chefs and Croquembouches.

Now, there is an upcoming Iron Chef America episode with Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali VS. Bobby Flay and Cristeta Comerford (the White House's executive chef). Now, Cristeta Comerford was actually the Bush family's chef (hired in 2005) that the Obama's kept much to the dismay of some Chicago chefs...

BUT, back to Iron Chef America, Michelle Obama will be the one revealing the "secret ingredient" for the battle...

I don't hate Shelly or hold anything against Chef Comerford for remaining in the White House employ post Bushy...but to hear SHE pursued this annoyed me. FN is my escape from politics and when I open my new, crisp December issue of Food Network Magazine....this should not be the first thing I see:

Boys DO Have Cooties!

"... While the majority of women use soap and water on their hands after using the bathroom, men often need blunt reminders to lather up, according to research on hygiene habits conducted by London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

The results revealed a large discrepancy between the sexes: only 32 percent of men used soap compared with 64 percent of women.

Swine flu is among many illnesses from pneumonia to intestinal worms that can be prevented with clean hands..." (source)

Quite frankly I'm not all that jazzed that 46% of women AREN'T washing after using the john... I'm no germaphobe, but after reading this study I think shaking any more male hands is out of the question. Ewww, 68%... SIXTY EIGHT PERCENT of you aren't washing which means it can't just be the hippie means 18% of you Conservative boys aren't lathering up!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Obama's War

"We have seen Afghanistan worsen, deteriorate. We need more troops there. We need more resources there ... I would send two to three additional brigades to Afghanistan." Barack H. Obama (September 26, 2008)

Last March, Obama argued that if the Taliban are left unchecked it “…will mean an even larger safe heaven from which al Qaeda would plot to kill more Americans. So this is not only a war worth fighting, this is fundamental to the defense of our people.” (source)

But still no decision is forthcoming. I wonder now if Obama (secretly) realizes the agony Bush went through as he sent sons, daughters, husbands and wives into harm's way. Now as he is the one to face mounting pressure from both sides... Now that he is the one that experiences first hand that is what is right for the country is not always what is politically expedient or popular.

I agree with the pundits that say THIS is the moment in time that will decide the ultimate fate of Afghanistan (and therefor the Taliban and Al Qaeda). We either send in the number of troops General McChrystal needs and have a chance at victory...or we trickle in troops Vietnam style and waste lives and resources the way Lyndon B. Johnson did in that oft referenced war... You can't "de-escalate the conflict without losing the war" --this isn't public school in America and not everyone is a winner. I pray Obama doesn't squander what little street cred we have left...

What Cities Have the Prettiest and Ugliest People?

So apparently Miami is #1 on looks for the 3rd year in a row... but 29th on intelligence. L.A. also ranked high (#4) in looks but second to last in friendliness.

But, *drum roll please* Philadelphia keeps it's place as having the UGLIEST residents for the third year in a row.

"But that's not all; the City of Brotherly Love also ranked as the least stylish, least active, least friendly and least worldly by 60,000 respondents who ranked 30 cities in several categories ranging from food to nightlife to culture. On the bright side, the beauty of the museums and art galleries was enough to boost Philly to the third spot in the Historical Sites/Monuments category." (source)

The Top 5 cities:

1. Miami
2. San Diego
3. Charleston
4. Los Angeles
5. Austin

The Bottom 5 Cities inhabited by the Ugliest people:

26. San Antonio
27. Washington, D.C.
28. Cleveland
29. St. Lois
30. Philly

(You can see all 30 here)

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

LDS: Excommunication for Harry Reid?

"...The official statement from the Mormon church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) regarding abortion is as follows: "In today's society, abortion has become a common practice, defended by deceptive arguments. Latter-day prophets have denounced abortion, referring to the Lord's declaration, "Thou shalt not . . . kill, nor do anything like unto it" (D&C 59:6). Their counsel on the matter is clear: Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints must not submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange for an abortion. Church members who encourage an abortion in any way may be subject to Church discipline..." (source)

Where does this leave "supposedly" pro-life Harry Reid with provisions for tax payer funded abortion in his new health care bill? It looks like the Church of the Latter Day Saints must stand by their words/teachings and excommunicate Harry Reid. If "abortion" is a reason...what is providing a free abortion for the entire female population of America?

TOTUS Malfunctions & PC Wins Over Humor

In case you haven't seen these yet...

Obama's Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

And of course this (the best commercial EVER) was banned:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Now No Cervical Cancer Screening?

"...Women can delay having their first Pap test for cervical cancer until they turn 21 and many can wait longer to go back for follow-up screenings, according to new guidelines released Friday by a major medical group..." (source)

As asymptomatic men are spreading HPV willy-nilly (and still refusing to bag that willy) we're going to push off/limit cervical cancer screening (PAP smears)!? Now we KNOW we weren't jumping the gun wondering if the whole mammogram thing was a form of rationing before the fact.

HPV is on the rise (hense the introduction of and huge push for Gardasil) and MANY, MANY strains have no visible signs... Personally, I think this is much more egregious than limiting mammograms due to the fact that kids seem to be having sex much younger and with more partners.

Remember the story of the UK's Katie Brickell?

Rage, rage against the dying of the light!

Call those Senators and Representatives people... Don't go gentle into that dark night...

UPDATE: Those of you in Louisiana, Arkansas and Nebraska can make a HUGE difference today! Your senators (Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Blanche Lincoln or Arkansas) are the three Democratic holdouts. Contact them!
Mary Landrieu: or (202)224-5824.
Ben Nelson: Message through website or (402) 391-3411
Blanche Lincoln: Contact via website or DC office (202)224-4843 Little Rock Office 1-800-352-9364.

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It STUFFS the Bird.

Stuffing or Dressing? Is it a regional thing?
Dressing free polls

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health Care, Death Panels, Mammograms and the Tea Party Express...

How's that for utilizing the time my computer actually lets me on before going to blue screen...

My first reaction when I heard about a government panel (Preventative Services Task Force of scientists and researchers ) that declared 40-somethings don't need mammograms or even self breasts exams...I thought, and they called Sarah Palin a liar for talking about the death panels end of life meetings. This is their way of avoiding that. But I wanted to think about it for a day or two before posting. You see, I am one of those women that had a false positive and subsequent disfiguring remove regular old breast tissue that was just too dense for a mammogram to read...and appeared to be "a tumor."

But THREE surgeries later and I'll still take all drama that over having missed a malignant tumor and not being here right now...

I can't believe the Obama administration is surprised that people are upset about this. I know completely apolitical people that are questioning the timing of this with the new government funded health care. The group that made this 'recommendation' (which has not one radiologist or oncologist by the way --Here are the members) was freaking out less than a year ago because mammograms among the 40-somethings had fallen? Please explain that... Less than a year ago the test that was so urgent is now completely expendable. And self exams? Stop examining yourself?

This health care bill is not going away without all of us doing something about it. This mammogram thing is only a little preview of what's to come. Not because Obama and the Democrats are evil and want a bad health care system, but there is no alternative. We don't have the resources and we all know that bureaucracy can kill even the best of intentions.

PLEASE contact your Congressmen (in the House and the Senate) and tell then YOU DON'T WANT THIS! That health care reform i.e. cross-state insurance sales and malpractice reform is okay, but NO PUBLIC OPTION/SINGLE PAYER OPTION.

This is why I wish the Tea Party Express had come up the East Coast. I know organizers claimed they wanted to give voice to middle America that never seems to get heard. But, unfortunately I don;t think that will mean much to DC elite and the MSM. A strong showing up the East Coast in some blue states would have sent a stronger message...

The time to remain passively silent has come to an end. Media Matters and the DU can label it 'fear-mongering' all they want, but my at least I will have done what I can to stop this thing...

Holiday Shoppe Faux Pas

Bill O'Reilly was shocked to read about a school that has seemingly crazy restrictions on it's Holiday Shoppe imposed by the PTA of that school. As he described the 'no Christmas trees' and 'no Santa Clauses' and even 'no red and green wrapping paper' and I wondered if he was talking about my kid's school. We've been dealing with this for years. They even had the nerve to ask one of the mom volunteers to take off a Santa hat she was wearing (or course the baby and I both wore one for our shift the next day)...

What's funny is, if they're trying to stop the real meaning of Christmas...candy canes and stockings have nothing to do with it.

One of the moms from that school in the news story had such a good point for the PC police... How is this teaching tolerance and/or acceptance of diversity!? Once again political correctness belies bias.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Newsweek: A Trite Little Publication

Sarah Palin told Barbara Walters that she found Newsweek's cover "demeaning"... but now that Ive read the accompanying article by Evan Thomas, I'm not sure which is worse:

The fact that MOST Americans will never know that Governor Palin DID NOT pose for this Newsweek cover --but that Newsweek lifted the shot from Runner's World (which has offered an editor's note claiming they had nothing to do with selling the shot to Newsweek)...or...

The fact that THIS is among the many things in the article:

"Obama knows the long odds against a right-wing populist winning the presidency, no matter how good she looks in a skirt (or running clothes), brandishing a gun." (I hate to link it, but a source is a source)

And GLORIA STEINEM or NAOMI WOLFE...Oprah, Hillary...(take your pick) haven't come out and excoriated Evan Thomas AND the magazine?!

Then again, Obama says Fox isn't real news...but this is the same Evan Thomas, the unbiased journalist," that said Obama was "sort of God" and that he was a "brave, great teacher that stands above us all." (Newsbusters)

Regardless of the fact that she looks great, I really am amazed at the lengths the Left will go to to discredit this woman...

The Man can't believe I'm shocked. I am. And disgusted. And saddened.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

2012 Meet and Greet: Former AK Governor Sarah Palin (R)

"The most talked about woman in America was supposed to be one of them, a liberal...not a Sarah Palin." -Bernie Goldberg

CBS's headline immediately after the Palin-Winfrey interview? "Poll: Less than 1 in 4 Have a favorable view of Palin." Greta Van Susteren asked last night why the MSM and the Left was so ruffled by Palin if she was actually the nothing they proclaim she is. Bernie Goldberg's assessment (above) is the best answer to that question I've heard. The fact that a Pro-life, non-Ivy league educated, mother of five commands so much attention is eating them alive.

Her "On the Issues" page is actually quite extensive.

Right now she would have a lot to prove to head a 2012 ticket. Quitting the governorship still bothers me without another job. If she ran for Senate in 2010...that would be a good start. She might also need to enlist the Clintons to help her make Levi go away...

I think Governor Palin's greatest hurdle will be undoing the harm done to her by the McCain staffers...and that's pretty sad.

Perhaps Palin/Dobbs 2012...or Dobbs/Palin?

(Past Meet and Greets: Gov. Gary E. Johnson, Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal, and US Representative Mike Pence)

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Politically Correct World Annihilation?

"...The movie “2012” depicts the Vatican being blown up, along with the famous statue from Rio, Christ the Redeemer, we were unmoved. Why? Because this occurs during the end of the world in a massive destruction. This kind of sensationalism, we reasoned, is standard fare for director Roland Emmerich: he is the guru of the “blow ‘em up” genre of movies. But now we’ve learned that while Catholics get theirs, Muslims are spared. Out of fear, of course..." (source)

The Man and I wanted to see 2012. I dig "blow 'em up" movies... Until we found out that pre-filming discussions led to the elimination of any Muslim holy sites being destroyed when the world ends.

What the cowards film makers didn't seem to consider was the fact that this decision speaks volumes. They are basically saying Muslims are irrational freaks. They know they can blow up Christian, Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist icons and none of the aforementioned will hunt them down to chop off their heads, burn an embassy or even just protest the movie. They obviously don't think the same is true for the followers of the Religion of Peace.

How funny that their political correctness exposed their bigotry.

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Politically Correct World Annihilation?


"...It may be hard to believe but cheerleading has become the single most dangerous girls' sport - responsible for more than 60 percent of women's sports-related injuries..."(source)

Not only is it a SPORT, but it's a DANGEROUS SPORT. So there. See Coach Wolf, I didn't need to quit the squad and join basketball to play a "real sport."

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Small Glimpse of NYC Terror Trials...

The Defense calls Mr. Eric Holder to the stand. "Did you seek to bring legal action against the former administration for the treatment of these detainees?"

The Defense calls the President of the United States of America to the stand. "Did you refer to the treatment of these detainees as 'torture?'"

Your Honor, the defense moves to dismiss the charges.

If I Could Ask Oprah One Question...

This afternoon's Sarah Palin-Oprah interview must have been on my mind yesterday because I kept thinking about things that Sarah could have asked Oprah...

Then I got to thinking that would be kinda've a cool feature--"If you could ask ________ one question" (and I haven't abandoned the "2012 Meet and Greet" feature either...after today's Harpo appearance, tomorrow should be a good time to talk about Governor Pain).

So, back to my question for Oprah.

Ms. Winfrey, I wonder if you would answer this as candidly as you expect your guests to respond to you... If I were to play word association and someone said Oprah, "charity" would come quickly to mind. Given your inner drive to give to and promote charities (and activity I feel you would engage in even if you weren't richer than God), did it feel like a kick in the gut to learn that The Obamas gave so little of their wealth (they made 44 million in one year) to charity? That one of the things that could tell us of their true character...decisions that were made in private before the couple knew every aspect of their life would be scrutinized...reflects such a stingy heart?

That would be the question I would ask. I really do want to know the answer to that... Is there a better question? Maybe I'll forward this to her ;)

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Does "Fair" Matter When Lives Are At Stake?

A lawsuit filed by "a Black firefighters group" here in Philadelphia (aka the Philly NAACP and the Black Valiants) asserts that it's wrong that African Americans make up 45% of the City but only 27% of the fire department (source). Does this matter? Should this matter? Philadelphia Fire Fighters are hired by TEST SCORES (aside from the 11% quota that is still in practice). Who will sue next? Are the Asians representative of their numbers in the city? The gays? The cross-dressers? The Hispanics? Should we go on?

The law suit takes issue with the Union's website message boards claiming "The posts stated that black firefighters were promoted even though they were not qualified" Don' they get it? This is BECAUSE OF THE EXISTING QUOTAS! And those quotas tarnish those Black firefighters that scored high enough that they didn't need the extra 10 pts. afforded minorities...

Here's the thing...not being mean or anything, but I've helped more than one person study for this test and it's hardly rocket science. As a matter of fact, it ALL memorization. I'd wager I could get a 99% or 100% after a night with the study book...

If you score high no one can keep you out of the Department. Everyone has just as fair a shot at memorizing with ladder you use for varying situations...

But it all got me pondering whether police and fire departments (since they are funded with taxpayer dollars) be a microcosm of the city population even if it means lowering test or oral exam standards? And why the hell do standards need to be lowered to achieve that-how insulting...STUDY dammit!

People can say I'd think differently if I were in the minority...but I AM. I'm a WOMAN...and TRUST ME...women are WAY more underrepresented in the PFD than African Americans. And women already get relaxed treatment during the physical part of the training and I am against that too! No special treatment when lives hang in the balance.

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UPDATE: For a first hand account of this lawsuit and its implications on this Department, you can read Captain America's post over at First In (which he might regret writing should it get into the wrong hands here in Philly... *psst* if you take your pic off they can't prove it's your site!)

The 14th Ft. Hood Victim

"Juan Guillermo Velez couldn't sleep nights during the months his daughter Francheska was in Iraq disarming bombs.

But the baby of the family had just gotten back to the United States and would be home in Chicago in a few weeks. Finally, he thought, he could relax.

Then Velez got the call last night: His daughter was dead, one of 13 people killed at Fort Hood. Another area soldier, Pfc. Michael Pearson, was also killed.

"I never [slept] because you never know," Velez said. "I never thought she was going to die here."

Velez was three months pregnant, her family said, making the news all the more bitter. She was scheduled to begin maternity leave in Chicago sometime in December." (source)

Baby Velez want wanted and anticipated. Sorry, but every time they give the death toll I cringe. It's been bothering me since I read that Francheska Velez was pregnant and most likely at the soldier readiness center to fill out maternity paperwork. I didn't want to seem like I was politicizing this by having a 'when does life begin' argument. It's not. It's my true, honest, gut reaction to get upset each and every time a newscaster says "13 killed" when in fact it was 14.
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Extreme Dieting: Tapeworm Diet

During my many years working in the Veterinary field, one of my best friends and I used to joke about eating a tape worm egg as a method of weight loss. Of course we were JOKING...

Now there's this new diet site and I feel like it has to be fake, but I saw a commercial the other day advertising proponents of the diet on some daytime show...

The Tapeworm Diet:

"How it works...

You take one or two cysts and then the worm will attach to the wall of your small intestine. It will grow over the
course of three months to a length of three feet. Then around day 85 you will take a dose of medicine to kill the
worm. Then you let your body rest for a month and decide if you want do it again.

How much it costs...

The costs depend upon where and how you get treatment. The average cost is $2,000.00 USD.

Why do I have to travel to Mexico?

There are state and federal laws against transporting or giving away the cysts of T. saginata.


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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Please Excuse the Interruption

While I tend to my 1 year old and 9 year old, both on the 3rd day of (possible) H1N1 2009. Today we have the added excitement of projectile vomiting and diarrhea...just to liven things up. I'm wondering if I'll even sleep again, and I haven't even gotten it...yet.

And I'd like to thank the ever-efficient government for making sure that we all had our seasonal flu shots...even though THAT strain probably won't be around until January. It's pretty awesome the H1N1 vaccine is being given for free at my kids I can't wait for this efficient system to take over my entire health care experience! Mmmmm Mmmm Mmmmm, Barack Hussein Obama!

(...But, in the interim, my bro found the best site ever. It's called The People of WalMart and I only warn you that it's hard to stop looking once you begin...)

Time to Peel Off Your "W" Stickers...

"It is time to get rid of those George "W" bumper stickers you've seen for the past 8 years. That administration is done and the remnants of it are, quite frankly, passe'.

The election is over. Get past it.

Get used to the idea of a new president and the new administration!! Here's the bumper sticker you'll need for at least the next 4 years:

(h/t: Mom)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Honoring All Veterans --Highlighting One

I can't stop thinking about Captain John Gaffaney. He'd only been on Ft Hood ONE DAY before he was executed. He had been trying to get back in the Armed Services for 3 years... Capt. Gaffaney had served in the Navy and the National Guard. Since 9/11 he's expressed interest in reenlisting. He said he wanted to use his training and experience as a psychiatric nurse to help soldiers deal with their deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Originally he was turned down...this 56 year olf veteran with hearing loss.

Doesn't Captain Gaffaney personify all that we seek to recognize and honor on this day? Someone that had felt the call to serve throughout his life, that put the well being of his fellow man above his own, and fought to overcome odds to fulfill a desire-not for self glorification, but to continue in his service to his country.

"...Gaffaney, 56, a psychiatric nurse, arrived at Fort Hood only a day before last week's shooting, to await deployment to Iraq. Military service had become Gaffaney's mission ever since the Sept. 11 attacks; the Navy and California National Guard veteran couldn't stand the thought of sitting in the comfort of an office in San Diego while young men and women serving overseas could use his help.

Although the Army Reserve turned him down at first, two years ago the military took him back.

"He was so excited when they let him rejoin," said Jennifer Bransford-Koons, who was Gaffaney's supervisor at San Diego County Adult Protective Services. "He felt it was his duty."

"I remember seeing him around here doing a lot of running and training to meet all the milestones to get accepted," Garcia-Drew said. "He wanted to take care of people who were trying to make things right in the world." (source)

Frank Gaffaney reminds me of my friend Solow...who has also been trying in vain to re-enlist since 9/11...

So thank you to all the Frank Gaffaney's out there. I am quite sure that there are hundreds of thousands of stories that embody the honor, courage and loyalty we hope that all of our service members possess.

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Marijuana Plants?

Who cares if Barney Frank's boyfriend was growing pot plants in the backyard...

I'm much more disturbed by the fact that Barney Frank has a boyfriend. Ewww. I was kinda hoping he was like Morrissey--gay but celibate. Now I have a visual. And people are worried about a few plants?

I'll be off bleaching my brain...

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Abortion and Obama-Care

We found out this week that all the Democrats that had been insisting Obama-Care wouldn't fund abortion were lying. Liar! This was evidenced by the "Stupak Amendment", added to Pelosi's bill on Saturday, which removed the backdoor abortion funding from the bill. Obama is now calling for revision of the amendment so neither side feels betrayed (Can there be a compromise here? Either taxpayer dollars fund abortion or they don't!?)

Connecticut's Rosa DeLauro (who looks like she should be at a sit-in somewhere with patchouli oil and an alpha sprout sandwich...), abortion's number one fan, along with 41 other House members are freaking out. The bill didn't fund abortion, but now they're sending Pelosi a letter because it no longer funds abortion. Is anyone else confused?

"...Some Democrats say they are going to work to defeat the 64 members of the party who wound up voting for the Stupak amendment.

Calling abortion "a fundamental part of our belief system in the Democratic Party," the Democrats at FireDogLake blog pledge to support pro-abortion Democrats in primaries against the pro-life and moderate party members who backed Stupak. (source)

All these abortion advocates CLAIM they fight so women can get safe (safe for whom?), sterile abortions unlike the back alley days pre-ROE.

So what would DeLauro say about stories like this (which are a plenty) over 30 years after Roe V Wade?

In Utah a 17 year old paid someone $150 to beat her to end her 7 month pregnancy. She did no time because I judge ruled it was just an attempted abortion. The baby lived...and now the mother is seeking custody. (source)

And then of course there's this:

(video h/t: Two Ways of Renouncing the Devil)

Happy Birthday USMC!

It's the 234th birthday of the United States Marine Corps and I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to all of that have served the American people in this valiant branch of the Armed Services.

As a birthday present for all the jarheads in your life...why not go over to SOLDIER'S ANGELS and donate a little something in the annual PROJECT VALOUR IT fundraiser. If you are new to Valour It, it's a very worthy charity that provides voice-activated laptops so wounded service members can remain in touch with their families!

Semper Fi!

Monday, November 09, 2009

U2 Builds A Wall In Berlin

"Irish rockers U2 returned to Berlin for a free mini-concert Thursday in front of the Brandenburg Gate, playing its classic singles and a duet with Jay-Z even as the show was obscured from public view by a nearly 6-1/2-foot (two-meter) high metal barrier.

Bono greeted the crowd with the German words "Berlin, Du bist wunderbar!" (Berlin, you are wonderful!) and the band played a 30-minute, six-song set that featured "Sunday, Bloody Sunday," "One" and "Beautiful Day."

Rapper Jay-Z appeared as a surprise guest and performed Bob Marley's "Get Up, Stand Up" with Bono.

The show, which was free to 10,000 ticket holders who snapped up the tickets online last week in just three hours, drew some controversy because of the barrier surrounding the gig.

Both Berliners and tourists alike saw the irony in building a wall around a concert dedicated to the wall that already has come down."(source)

Other reports I heard said that people were yelling "Tear down this wall" on the outside of the concert. I'm a little perplexed as too why a wall was built around a FREE concert--and though I'm not surprised in the least that MTV organizers didn't have the wherewithal to realize the implication of BUILDING A WALL to commemorate the TEARING DOWN OF THE WALL...I am surprised that Bono didn't chime in.

And while we're on this subject. It's always bothered me that Mikhail Gorbachev won the Nobel peace Prize for doing what Reagan told him to do...yet Reagan didn't win it. It also irks me that in MSM articles about the Cold War ending and the Berlin wall coming down, Reagan is rarely mentioned. It makes me wonder what is taught (if anything) in schools... Does this mean only Conservative children will understand Reagan's role in ending the Cold War (and I guess Bush's in sending hundreds of thousands of Afghan women back to work and school).

Socialized Medicine and The Girl with Two Vaginas

"[The surgeon] arrived with a troop of other medics and sat on my bed," Lauren recalls. "He seemed quite excited and said that they'd got the prognosis wrong. I didn't have a bicornuate uterus after all. I actually had two of everything. Two uteruses, two cervixes and two vaginas. I was shocked. I'd never noticed that I had two vaginas and none of my previous boyfriends had either. Even the doctor said he'd never seen anything like it before."

The surgeon removed the barrier between her two vaginas, leaving her with one big one. "The vagina I was using was half the size of a normal one." (Read the whole story)

I tried to not post about this...really I did. But two vaginas? She never noticed? 21 day periods and painful sex because she was using "the small vagina?"

Was she supposed to be a twin? What I wanted to read is why she had this anomaly...and I couldn't find any doctor speculation (they probably don't have the time to speculate given the state-run health care in the UK). When 'reading between the lines', what was also interesting was she had never seen a doctor for her pap smears, only nurses and then even after she saw a wasn't a gynecologist. Leading me to politicize this story and assume this condition would have been diagnosed at least 10 years prior to Lauren's 28th birthday if she resided here in the United States under a private health care system. See, there was a point to posting this and not just pure sensationalism... ;)

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Friday, November 06, 2009

The Second Hasan

The first Hasan, Hasan Karim Akbar, a sergeant in the 101st Airborne Division "opposed to the killing of Muslims and opposed to the war in Iraq." This was among many red flags waved by Hasan before his deployment to Kuwait. Ignorance of the warning signals cost one soldier's life and 15 injuries.

This time the casualties were far greater. This Hasan, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, has killed 13 and injured over 30. This Hasan, another disciple of the Religion of Peace, had also made known his objections to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The cousin and the MSM keeps harping on the fact that "he was harassed" for being Muslim. They had no problem reporting that "soldiers were responsible" for the shootings...but I notice now that we know the shooter yelled "Allah Ahkbar" as he methodically went about his rampage, they're not so readily saying "A Muslim was responsible."

I know I'm just a civilian, but I'm going to take a wild guess that running around saying you have PTSD when you've never been deployed might garner a bit of harassment. I'm also going to surmise that saying Muslims should rise up against American soldiers and that suicide bombing was akin to a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save him men might cause your fellow soldiers to harass the hell out of you...and with damn good cause.

I REALLY don't want this to be taken as politicizing this...but my very first thought was that if this guy had been gay he couldn't have told anyone...but since he was straight it was okay to tell people that Americans should be killed? And that we were occupiers and war criminals?! That soldiers would rather have radical Muslims than gays? The Man had the same observation. But, I digress...

I have to contend that both Hasan's were allowed to slip through the cracks because the Armed Forces have become as politically correct as the rest of the country. It seems you can get away with anything if you have a prayer rug...

Guest Post from J.Marquis

This Should Be Fun

"Even though Doug Hoffman lost in New York state's 23rd district, the "true" conservatives have smelled blood. And they are ready to purge the GOP of any
moderation whatsoever.

Olympia Snowe? Gone. John McCain? See ya. Charlie Crist? Talk to you later, pussy.

It cracks me up watching somebody like RNC head Michael Steele pretend he has control over what's happening. The party is headed HARD to the right. The tent is no longer big, in fact somebody lit the tent on fire.

The fun part is watching the 2010 conservative candidates get all juiced up, thinking the more extreme they go the better they'll do with the voters. It might be extreme Ayn Rand worship or candidates advocating that women who get an abortion
be hanged. The political atmosphere is ripe right now for these kind of miscalculations."

(You can read J.Marquis daily at Major Conflict)

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Shooting at Ft. Hood TX

Two (possibly 3) people in military fatigues have shot and killed 7 people and injured 12 20 at the Ft. Hood Texas Army Base.

Information on whether the shooters were civilians or Army personnel has not been released. 33,000 people are currently on lock down. Witnesses say they head both pistol and rifle fire. This has not been confirmed by authorities.

One shooter is in custody and possibly 2 more shooters on the loose according to current reports...

UPDATE (5:00 pm EST) Shooter was a U.S. Soldier and was shot and killed by a local police officer. Two other soldiers are in custody. 12 have been killed (including a civilian police officer) and 31 injured at the Soldier Readiness Center at Ft. Hood.

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Obama Wastes 25 years and 13 Billion Dollars

After 5 years of blogging every day, you come across all kinds of stories. Certain ones you're not terribly interested in, but feel they can't be ignored... and then the ones that aren't huge stories, but you can't stop thinking about them... This is one of those stories.

It succinctly illustrates all that's wrong with the Obama Presidency.

In 1982 the federal government decided to build a much needed storage facility for our country's nuclear waste. Until then (and to this day) waste is stored at the various plants where it is costs taxpayers (that's us!) tons in security. To pay for this facility (in Nevada's Yucca Mountain) the fed has been charging the utilities a yearly tax to pay for the project (which of course has been passed on to us to the tune of $750 million a year).

While stumping in Nevada, Obama said he was "against Yucca" and as President halted the 25 year long project. Strangely, the Dept of Energy has neither halted the disposal tax or refunded taxpayers their $13 billion dollars...

I don't know about you, but in a post 9/11 world the thought of 70,000 tons of waste sitting in pools across the country just doesn't seem prudent.

Aside from that, it seems kinda crazy that Obama is totally down with Iran's quest to use nuclear energy for their electricity...but this move signals his obvious distaste for America being able to fully utilize this source of clean energy.

This isn't as flashy as universal healthcare or GITMO terrorists let loose after they've hogged all the H1N1 vaccines, but something that needs to be discussed. One decision that wasted 25 years of hard earned money, put as many as 3,500 Americans out of work, is costing 56 million in legal settlements (and is estimated to cost 11 mil more) and put Americans security in jeopardy. Come to think of it, that's way flashier than all the other stories!

(References: Citizens Against Government Waste, FNC: Tracking Your Taxes)

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