Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My biggest pet peeve...poor or no customer service. I can't help but think (hope) that maybe companies are using the economy as an excuse to trim the fat amongst their employees. Fire all the people that roll their eyes, click their tongues and get annoyed that they have to end vapid conversations to wait on you and yours...

So when I come across really good customer service (a rare dinosaur in these times of great entitlement), I feel I must comment.

The company: Grow-A-Frog

This is a great company. For very little money your kids (parents or teachers) can watch tadpoles turn into little froglets. Twice the staff has come to our rescue. We ran out of food with our first tadpole and though they rushed out food to us he died (RIP Burble) -and they promptly sent a new tadpole (Deja Vu) for free even though it was our fault. Now, Deja Vu's metamorphosis went really quickly and we were caught without "froglet food" (and I didn't happen to have any beef hearts lying around) and they rushed the food, a froglet friend and the new habitat before they even took the money from my bank account --AND remembered my son's name and addressed the shipment to him even though his name hadn't been anywhere on the order! He LOVED that!

Deja Vu and his new friend Tad are happy in their new home. The kids have all enjoyed watching all the changes. This was a GREAT purchase from a WORTHY company that stands pleasantly by its product!

Order a kit today...your kids will LOVE it!

...That is an actual pic of one of our guys...they are not amphibious and remain in the water their entire lives...

(This is an unpaid, unsolicited endorsement as thanks for GREAT SERVICE and GREAT PRODUCT.)

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