Friday, October 16, 2009

The Upside of Limbaugh Getting Sidelined

First and foremost he won't be distracted and off his game when Conservatives need him most...that's the selfish upside to Limbaugh losing his chance at acquiring part ownership of the St. Louis Rams.

But if this wouldn't have happened... if Media Matters wouldn't have employed lazy, Lefty slackers that published things without fact-checking them and the MSM Drive-by media wouldn't have so gleefully reported the Soros-funded fabrications...Rush wouldn't have felt the need to finally retaliate and unleash lots of juicy info of which I was previously unaware.

Such as...CNN's Rick Sanchez was quick to report the story and then wouldn't issue an apology. Now we know that Rick Sanchez killed someone drunk driving, fled the scene and was still drunk 2 hours later.

But this is even better. Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee used the HOUSE FLOOR to rail against Rush, and now we know this:

"It seems that Sheila Jackson Lee was present at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory when the Mars Pathfinder landed in the mid 1990s. Sheila Jackson Lee inquired whether the rover would be able to roll over to where astronauts had planted the American flag.

The problem is that astronauts have yet to visit Mars at all, not to mention plant any flags on its surface. Sheila Jackson Lee, who represents a district in Houston and sits on committees that deal with NASA, did not know that astronauts had in fact planted flags on the Moon."

And then there's Jesse Jackson who used his falsified proximity to MLK when he was shot to propel himself into notoriety. And, as far as I know, Rush doesn't have any illegitimate children REVEREND Jackson.

And we don't even need to remind anyone of Tawana Brawley and her excrement....everyone already knows Sharpton is a buffoon.

Here's the thing...Media Matters is the offspring of the Center for American Progress and there are many former Center for American Progress members currently sitting in Obama's administration. Biggest donor? George Soros. Things that make you go hmmm....

I hope Limbaugh actually goes through with the libel suit. I'm sick if Conservatives just accepting they will be slandered.

And Rush can't be an NFL owner due to "image issues" but "I need hypnotherapy to stave off my drug cravings" Fergie can?

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