Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Showdowns in New Jersey & Virginia

The first round of elections since the Era of 'O' began...

Obama has been to New Jersey stumping for Democratic incumbent Governor Corzine and yesterday former President Bill Clinton and former head of the DNC terry McAullife both made a stop in VA for gubernatorial hopeful, Creigh Deeds.

These are meaningful races. Especially in Jersey where they rarely elect a Republican. And Corzine is getting desperate. Corzine has used his personal millions running ads basically calling his opponent, Chris Christie, fat since nothing else worked. The tactic seems to have afforded him a statistical tie.

In Virginia (a formerly red state that has been trending blue as of late) the race is not so tight --hence the big guns for the Democrat yesterday. Republican Robert F. McDonnell has maintained a lead in the polls (53 to 44) and Democrat Deeds can't seem to rally the DNC base.

So, is this a referendum on policy decisions over the past 8 months (Cap & Tax, Health Care and defense cuts) or a direct rebuff of the President...or just fallout from a bad economy?

What I do know...all of you in Jersey and Virginia better get out to the polls on the 3rd!

And as for us Pennsylvanians...let's keep Pat Toomey in the lead!!!!

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