Friday, October 30, 2009

Profile of An Independent Voter

I know some of you took offense to my mini-rant against the elusive "independent voter" the other day... But, as I said in the comments, a non-vote or 3rd party candidte vote in protest is not the "independent" action I was referring to.

I recently found out that a very good friend of mine voted for Obama. The fact that he regrets it now doesn't ease my shock and quite frankly my utter disillusionment. This is someone that has always voted (R) and a SMALL BUSINESS owner. Someone I have looked to many times for financial and business advice.

Why did he vote for Obama? It pains me to impart this, but he says he read McCain's book and Obama's book and Obama really impressed him!? The Audacity of Hope with all its Marxist undertones impressed a small business owner? Ugh.

So, now he has a major case of buyer's remorse...but if he would have had a core set of principles that he voted by and not been wooed by a flashy candidte he wouldn't be in a position to regret anything.


Hence my problem with the Independent vacillating voter in a dissappointed little nutshell.

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