Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Obama, His Generals and Afghanistan

It hit me yesterday while I was walking to my local hardware guys must be chomping at the bit to talk about the Commander-in-Chief aspect of this Presidency...from GITMO still being open to the current debate over Afghanistan.

First we have Gen. Stanley McCrystal talking to the press about his needs for this war. Whether you like Obama or not, is that appropriate? Is a General's first duty to the CIC or to the men that serve under him and whose lives he holds in the balance? As a civilian, I don't feel qualified to even venture a guess here...

And that brings me to the next point. I feel inadequate commentating on this AS A CIVILIAN, not as a WOMAN. Unfortunately, when Nancy Pelosi (who represents an area that wants NO MILITARY at all) decided to critique General McCrystal and the GOP rebuked wasn't her uterus they opposed to, it was her civilian status. Unfortunately, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) decided to belittle ACTUAL sexist actions and make this about gender:
"..."It's evidence they long for the days when a woman's place was in the kitchen. Now a woman is third in line for the presidency... But it's not surprising, coming from a party that's 80 percent male and 100 percent white." (source)

Obama had a plethora of criticisms of the way Bush was handling each of which was that Bush was "pushing his generals aside." He also called Afghanistan "the war of necessity." But what's happening? Is he caving to the Left? Scared to be a "war President" or just drowning in inexperience...?

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