Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let's Lose Elections!

I think I'm okay with losing elections for a while. I mean, can it get any worse than O! in the white house and Congress in full on (D) control?! Let's purge the RINOs., Let's lose some elections dammit!

Now, I know in the past I have resisted protest votes in anything but a primary. I have lamented the sad plight of the third party candidate. But no more. This is the time. We have nothing but useless flotsam and jetsam to lose.

(Though I should say that New Jersey is an example of the third party NOT always being the better choice. From what I've read thus far, Christie is a better candidate than Dagget --and not just because his name...)

I am perplexed about Newt's endorsement of what the State-run media is calling a "moderate Republican." He is voting his head instead of his heart (and conscience) and that's how Pennsylvania kept getting Arlen Specter... It's bad politics.

The MSM is couching this as "Conservatives VS Republicans" and basically claiming the Conservative wing of the GOP wants to purge all moderates... But to them Dede Scozzafava is a moderate:

"Scozzafava is an abortion rights advocate who favors gay marriage. It would be one thing if Scozzafava balanced that social liberalism with fiscal conservatism. But as a state assemblywoman, she voted for massive tax increases, Democratic budgets and a $180 million state bank bailout. She also supported the trillion-dollar federal stimulus package — which every House Republican voted against.

More troubling, Scozzafava in past elections has embraced the ballot line of the Working Families Party — a socialist outfit whose political DNA is intertwined with scandal-ridden ACORN. ACORN and the WFP have shared office space in New York City, Arkansas and Illinois. ACORN head Bertha Lewis, a close Scozzafava friend and political supporter, wears a second hat as vice chairman of the WFP. The WFP has been listed in ACORN documents dating back to 2000 as an “affiliate.” (source)

If THAT is moderate, yes...let's purge!

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