Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Health Care "Competition" --Help Me Understand

In light of the early costume party held in the White House Rose Garden yesterday...I'm prompted to ask for help in understanding the logistics (or maybe legalities) of something. Yes, I know I should research it myself, but I have two kids with fevers (probably H1N1 given my luck as of late) so help me out here.

The current health care system does indeed need a change. Litigious Americans and market domination can only lead to no good... But, to suggest that having big government enter the mix would fix it is beyond asinine- artificial competition won't cut it in a free market system. So, Conservatives have always said that insurers should be able to "cross state lines" to create ACTUAL competition.

This is where my confusion comes in. Why aren't insurance companies allowed to offer coverage to all 50 states now? Was that a stipulation placed on them by Congress or a self-regulation to drive up costs or control liability? And who is now blocking the idea of these companies being free to "cross state lines?" Actually, I guess the real question is: Who profits when these companies are confined to one state?

Why won't my liberal friends consider this option before changing the entire structure of the system (where, according to studies, 75% of people are happy with their health care)... And don't say "the poor!" "The poor" already have a public option- it's called Medicaid and it's a prime example of how a single-payer system buries the patients in bureaucracy, while it robs them of options...

Someone fill me in on the logistics of this insurance provider confinement... and let's get to the bottom of it by following the money.

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