Friday, October 16, 2009

Grief for Hire?

Have you seen the new ads/PSAs about lung cancer and asbestos done by Dana Reeve's sister? And if so am I the only one that feels a bit uncomfortable every time it comes on? Or should I said every time it ends with Dr. Deborah Morosini passionately asking viewers if they can believe the use of asbestos is still legal...and then the voice over alerting us that she has been paid for her appearance.

I'm wondering if my sis had never smoked and then died from lung cancer, if I would need to be paid to warn people of the evils of asbestos...

I don't know, am I being overly judgmental...? I really do get annoyed each time I hear it belittles it for me.

...I was offered $100 to put the Mesothelioma and Veterans link in the sidebar, but how could I take money to alert veterans there was help out there for them? And I'm pretty sure I could use the cash a lot more than the good doctor. ...oh well, maybe Baron & Bud are ambulance chasers out there in Dallas and she figured they shouldn't reap the benefits of her sister's name?

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