Saturday, October 24, 2009

Famous Bloggers in Our Midst...

In case you were unaware, BLACKFIVE's Matt Burden is running for State Representative in Illinois' 41st district. How cool is that? Matt has helped everyone in the blogosphere...whether it was bringing the entire milblog community to light, linking fledgling blogs, or sponsoring smaller blogs to make a little cash with ads... Now we can all do something to help him! As you know, good intentions mean next to nothing in need money. Even if you can donate $10...or $5...GO HERE and donate to Matt who has spent more than 20 years giving to all of us!

Good Luck Matt!


Not to be outdone by a fellow soldier (and friend) of our own (even if she can be a little left-leaning at time) is THE ARMY RESERVES' NEW POSTER GIRL PERSON!!!! Congrats Army Girl!

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