Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Et Tu Wiki?

Last night, motivated by a bought of insomnia coupled with a touch of narcissism, I went to look at Zombie's Wiki page to once again view this site among the references there. I know, it's a small claim to fame...but mine nonetheless.

But alas, Zombie's Wiki page was gone. Deleted by someone named Black Kite. That person claimed it was by overwhelming consensus.

Apparently Zombie isn't famous enough to be in an online reader-written encyclopedia. And here I thought that was Wiki's appeal --the ability to have a more comprehensive scope given the lack of publishing constraints and the ability to exist in real time.

How many blogs reference Zombietime and use his photos? His (maybe her, but we'll say "his" based on the "protest babes" commentary) photos have appeared in Michelle Malkin's book among others and in the RW blogosphere is there anyone that doesn't know him and his work?

Reading the "should we delete or not arguments" only exasperated my insomnia. I couldn't help but wonder why he was nominated for deletion to begin with? Who decides that? And that got me thinking, maybe a current Wiki member can nominate the Kos Kids' leader for deletion?

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