Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Adoption Is Should Be Forever

Anita Tedaldi adopted a baby boy and then, 18 months later, wanted that adoption terminated. She claims she hadn't bonded with the boy...and that the boy hadn't bonded with her. She claims that she never considered the fact that she would feel differently about an adopted child than she did about her 5 biological children. Really?

I have conflicting thoughts about this story. I know many are quick to pass judgment on this woman and apart of me did when I heard the flashy headline, but there are some things that jump out at me (someone who has lived with foster kids). If the baby was "found by the side of the road" and had a "head that was completely flat from lying on his back so long", I'm wondering of the bonding issue was something psychological-- like dissociative disorder (a horrible bi-product of neglect).In that case, there would be no possibility of bonding and a possible risk to her other children... Failure to bond in a child that has been neglected and/or abused can be indicative of more serious issues. Then again maybe her altruism was just weighed down by the reality of raising someone else's child as her own...

I guess the moral of this story should be that possible adoptive parents should be foster parents first...

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