Friday, October 23, 2009

CAIR Has Been Honest With Us

Thanks to "non-news organizations" like FOX and talk radio, CAIR has been exposed over the past few years. All this "non-news" even led to the FBI severing it's ties with CAIR. There are constantly new stories of terror-ties and disturbing agendas exposed.

But,in all fairness...It's an organization that claims to exist to educate the public about the truths of Islam and in that regard it's been true to its mission statement.

As Islam does, CAIR discriminates against other Muslims and WOMEN:

"The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations says it represents all Muslim Americans, but former Muslim employees say it discriminates against Shiite Muslims and female Muslims – even as it accuses critics of being "anti-Muslim bigots."

According to internal documents uncovered in the bestseller "Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That's Conspiring to Islamize America," top CAIR officials discriminated against Shiite Muslim employees working out of CAIR's national headquarters..." (source)

As does Islam, CAIR has tried to infiltrate our defense department for nefarious reasons:

"...The internal memo, provided to, stated that CAIR would "focus on influencing congressmen responsible for policy that directly impacts the American Muslim community."

The memo cited three House committees -- Homeland Security, Intelligence and the Judiciary -- as panels on which lawmakers preside over policy affecting American Muslims.

"We will develop national initiatives such as a lobby day and placing Muslim interns in Congressional offices," the memo read." (source)

And as Islam does, CAIR accepts jihadist money and support:

"...Those same embassies were listed in the CAIR 14th Annual Banquet’s printed program (see below) in a section titled “Thanks To: ” on page 20, which appears to give credit to supporters for the fundraiser.

Even more concerning, was the presence of the “Interests Section of Iran” – a country that does not have an embassy in the U.S., since the countries have long cut off diplomatic relations. The “Interests Section of Iran” is the de facto diplomatic representation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the United States. And therefore any gifts from the “Interests Section” to CAIR – say, a donation to a fundraiser – would constitute a gift from the government of Iran..."(Read entire story here)

So, concerned Americans (the ones that aren't concerned with PC bullcrap and will point fingers at a Muslim if that Muslim is up to no good) and "non-news organizations" need to keep the pressure on this group and others like it because the rest of America would rather repeat 9/11 than risk been seen as bigoted toward the Religion of Peace...

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