Thursday, October 08, 2009

Birth Certificate & Voter's Registration At Birth?

Bertha Lewis, the Chief Executive of ACORN, employed an age-old political tactic at a news conference the other day. When someone wants to shut down talks and deflect further questioning they cry "RACIST!" (we've discussed this at length) or "McCarthyism!" (not seeming to realize that McCarthy is a bit of a cult hero on the right).

Ms. Lewis partook in the later...decrying the "witch hunt" around ACORN "McCarthyism." Never mind the embezzled $1-5 million (they're not quite sure) by the founder's brother...and the employers offering ways to circumvent paying taxes on "performance art" (aka underage prostitution by illegal aliens)...

But, in the midst of making ACORN the victim, she sis say something that piqued my interest:

"...Voter registration, for instance. We believe that the government should have universal automatic registration. ACORN or any other third-party group shouldn’t have to do voter registration for Americans to participate in their own government. But they don’t have that yet, and until they do, ’til the government stands up and does its job, we will make sure that our people, poor people, do get registered and do participate in the electoral process. But we believe that we shouldn’t even be in this business, and no one should; the government should do it..." (source)

What do you think? Pros? Cons? Does it benefit either party to require physical (as opposed to automatic) voter registration?

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