Monday, September 28, 2009

Who is Mabus?

Recently, so many people (independent of one another) have mentioned the coming of the Anti-Christ and what they seem to feel is the very real possibility it could be our President... I don't know much about the subject, so I thought I'd do a bit of reading.

The Anti-Christ, aka Mabus according to Nostradamus, will be the 3rd of his ilk. The first two were believed to be Napoleon and Hitler. Here is an interpretation of the person Nostradamus believed will be the final and worst Anti-Christ:

  • Will be North African or Middle Eastern and use "desperate acts to achieve his goals"

  • He will be one of the first to fall in the coming war.

  • It will only appear that his death ends hostilities. Decades of vengeance attacks by means of terrorism will follow.

  • He could be a known leader of an organization or state that is overwhelmed and destroyed by an overpowering counterattack.

  • Unlike the first two Antichrists, Mabus could be a minor political figure — even the terrorist bomber himself — who, in detonating his weapon, vaporizes himself and triggers 27-years of warfare as a repercussion of his one violent act. For example, if peace cannot be found, the mystery bomber who detonated his lethal explosion in the cue of a Tel Aviv beach side disco on 1 June 2001, may yet be remembered as the one who was soon annihilated by his own explosion, yet triggered the next great slaughter of people and animals in the Middle East. (source)

  • I'm not saying I put any credence in the Obama as the Anti-Christ theory, but...I guess it is a little weird that Obama actually appointed someone named Ray Mabus as Secretary of the Navy...AND, I could definitely see the assassination of Obama starting first riots and then a war (the prophecy says Mabus' death is what starts WWIII)... says the claim that Obama is the Anti-Christ is false. I don't know why I found this exceedingly amusing...

    But, someone on YouTube claims that Obama told America to "Serve Satan" during his speech when he accepted the Democratic nomination...

    Now, what I found most interesting in my reading (which was just for fun during these depressing days) was that the prophecies all say this person will be, I can see why people played with the idea of Saddam Hussein or Usama Bin Laden...but why Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton and George Bush?

    If I return to seriousness, though I don't think Obama is actually the anti-Christ, I do believe his policies could do as much harm to the infrastructure of our democracy as 9/11 did to NYC...and THAT is what scares me.

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