Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Am I Talking About?

I know I've posted the graphic from this site here before, but I thought this list was interesting...why am I talking about Illinois?

Most Frequently Mentioned Topics [on this blog]:

* Barack Obama
* United States
* John McCain
* New York
* Google Inc.
* U.S. Republican Party
* U.S. Democratic Party
* California
* Iraq
* George W. Bush
* Florida
* Britain
* Bill Clinton
* U.S. Congress
* Illinois
* Hillary Rodham Clinton
* Arizona
* China
* Ohio
* YouTube

Anyway, this is from a site called Daylife...which kept me from chores yesterday as I looked through all the pics they have on their site (like the creepy statue of Michael and BoBo). I think I might really like this site...give me a few days...

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