Friday, September 18, 2009

Racism Rebuttal

Last night Bill O'Reilly asked, "What do you say in reply when a thoughtful, Black man like Bill Cosby agrees with Jimmy carter and says that he thinks MOST of the opposition to Barack Obama is the result of racism?"

I totally dig the full implication of his question...when you're white, you're immediately at a disadvantage whenever the term racist is bandied about...but I know what I would say to Mr. Cosby.

"Honestly, Mr. Cosby, I have to respectfully disagree with you here. Not only am I personally one of the people vehemently opposing Barack Obama's policies, I know many people that have attended tea parties. I recognize that racism does still exist in our country, but to use racism as cover for all of Obama's shortcomings and the ire they inspire, belittles the sentiment and the harm it causes. As for thos protesting Obama's policies: I and many other "tea baggers" would have voted for Condoleeza, Colin Powell or J.C. Watts over John McCain. So, I'm wondering, how does that reality fit into your sweeping supposition?"

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