Friday, September 25, 2009

Misinformation Lies from the Left

This ad is so full of fallacies (and they called Sarah Palin a liar)-- it claims 80% of Americans want a public option. Even the NYT and HuffPo have articles claiming the support for the President's plan is slim and waning....

FORTY-FIVE PERCENT approve -and 46% disapprove according to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll. That's a pretty far cry from 80%.

And this asinine claim that a government-run health care company will create competition?! HELLO!? Insurance companies have to turn a profit...the government doesn't have to make a profit. They can take our taxes when they need money.

That means they can make prices whatever they please --a flu shot? oh, that'll be 15¢ because we'll just take the money from The Man who has been slinging 600 lb. boilers for the past 20 years.He doesn't need his own need it more because it's somehow HIS fault that you decided to have three kids from two different men without ever being married to either of them. So here's your 15¢ flu shot...

When one entity doesn't need to adhere to market value because they are in the unique position of not having to make the hell does that create competition?! ARGGGH!

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