Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Laugh at the Lefties

I was becoming a bit bored with the Kos Kids and the absolute FREAKS over at the DU (Democratic Underground)...but don't fret...I found a new (to me) site that amused me for a while last night:

Campus Progress.

It's rife with excellent reading. For example:
Know Your Right Wing Ideologues
Putting progressive ideas into practice
And, (God help us) Opinions

Here is part of their mission statement:
"Campus Progress, part of the Center for American Progress, works to help young people -- advocates, activists, journalists, artists -- make their voices heard on issues that matter. Through an online magazine and student publications, public events, multimedia projects, and grassroots issue campaigns..."

I'm thinking I should email them...I am an advocate, an activist, a journalist, and a paid you think they're working to make MY voice heard? ;)

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