Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Justification of a Child Rapist: Et Tu, HuffPo?!

Obviously I expected the lemmings in Hollywood to jump right on the "free Polanski" bandwagon...but they have a collective IQ of 100... What I didn't foresee were politico's making the case to absolve a child rapist...

HuffPo has not one, not two, but THREE "poor Polanski" pieces:

Artist Rally behind Polanski: "...Apprehended like a common terrorist Saturday evening, September 26, as he came to receive a prize for his entire body of work, Roman Polanski now sleeps in prison. Polanski risks spending the rest of his life in jail for deeds which would be beyond the statute-of-limitations in Europe..."

Roman Polanski Understands Women:(This is written by a WOMAN) "...I'm not going to go into my Roman Polanski defense. I've been doing this all morning, nearly ranting and raving over my views on the matter, and have grown frustrated and depressed. But in short, I'm not happy about his arrest..."

Leniency for Polanski: "...Confronting these developments, we must affirm the law's the law, right? And what Polanski reputedly did with a 13-year-old girl all those years ago was unquestionably the act of a sick individual.

But the story of what Polanski suffered even before the unspeakable trauma of having his pregnant wife Sharon Tate butchered in the spooky twilight of the turbulent sixties makes me believe that overall, he's as much victim as predator himself..."

Then there's the "feminist" Whoopi Goldberg who declared, "I know it wasn't rape-rape. I think it was something else, but I don't believe it was rape-rape." (source) Way to support the sisterhood Whoopi... I didn't realize drugging someone and them sodomizing them wasn't "rape rape."

One lone writer in the MSM seems to have a clue. Okay, maybe a few of them (this one poignantly asks,"imagine if Polanskui were an abusive priest and there was a petition to absolve him circulating...').

At least reading these sick apology pieces clued me into the "reasons" (lame as they are) for the swell of sympathy for the child sodomizer... His wife, Sharon Tate's, Brutal death prior to this incident and the fact that the victim wants this behind her. So we should absolve pedophiles that were once victims themselves? And Polanski's victim, Samantha Geimer, isn't a fan of the man...she wants the case to go away because of how people treat her family when it surfaces in the news...

Click Here for the signatories that are on that petition.

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