Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The (Forgotten) United Nations

We haven't talked much about the UN since BO came into power... But, just so you're aware, there's still nefarious happenings afoot.

Right now they are voting on who will lead the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). An agency in which the United States provides 22% of the funding for (roughly $600 million). Though one of UNESCO's "key missions" is "promoting freedom", one of the current top candidates to run the organization (Farouk Hosni) has called "for the burning of any Israeli books found in a major Egyptian library" and as Culture Minister in Egypt, has been an integral part of a government that only plays lip service to free speech.

"...The U.S. was a founding member of UNESCO, but the Reagan administration withdrew in 1984, citing mismanagement and accusing it of promoting an anti-Western agenda.

The Bush administration said the agency had made important reforms since Matsuura become director-general in 1999, and President Bush in September 2002 told the U.N. the U.S. would return..." (source)

We really should start compiling a comprehensive database on all the stories about the mismanagement of taxpayer dollars and the corrupt politicians that mismanage them...

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