Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The "CHANGE" the Left Really Wanted...Personified.

Hugo Chavez.

I know he is their secret idol. Their Jonas Brother if you will.

We worried briefly that the O! administration would try to use a speech to school children to offer them insights into his far-left ideology.He didn't. (In fact, I found it quite refreshing to hear him talk to the kids about "personal responsibility" -I didn't think those words were aloud to be joined together if you were a Democrat!)

But Hugo doesn't have the political confines that Obama has. He can run free...and he is. He has ordered that ALL schools in Venezuela teach the joys of socialism and subsequently the perils of a free market society. And to prove that point, even private schools are subject to this curriculum decree.

"...All schools, public and private, must admit state inspectors and submit to the government's new educational system, or be closed and nationalized, with the state taking responsibility for the education of their children, Chavez said...adding that education based on capitalist ideology had destroyed "the values of children." (source)

I don't know how many of you saw Tucker Carlson's special report about the text books here in America...but it seems this is where we're heading. You can say founding FATHERS?!

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