Friday, September 04, 2009

Best of BS: Guest Post from NedfromNC

(originally posted on 9/12/07)

"Complicated issues made simple: War on Terror...Democratic Response"
"Imagine you grew up with a Bully in your neighborhood. At first he just called you names with an occasional stick or stone thrown in for big deal. As the years went by he became more aggressive, black eye one day, tore your clothes in a wrestling match...all to be ignored. Then there was the time the Bully broke your arm and knocked your friend's teeth out. You said you had seen enough, vowed to do something...actually called the Bully and threatened to do something ...but did nothing.

Then he started harassing the neighbors...threatening everybody that wasn't in his small circle of friends.The next thing you know, he shows up at your front door with a gun, shoots you in the leg and flees. Before you had even recuperated he actually drives his car into your house, burning half of it to the ground! And...tells you he'll be back soon to burn the rest down!

That was it. You called the neighbors together, told them you were going to go over to the Bully's house, confront him and put an end to it...once and for all. They all supported you doing it...but they were also afraid.

You actually did it! And a huge fight ensues and goes on for much longer than anyone expected. In is still going on and the neighbors are really getting nervous.

Guess what some of the neighbors and the Democrats say now..."you should have never called him a Bully...and you certainly shouldn't have gone over to his just made him madder."

Laughable isn't it...but true."

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