Thursday, September 03, 2009

Best of BS: Disturbing Thoughts on Ageing...

(Originally posted 7/3/07)

Did you know the expression "long in the tooth" refers to the receding of your gums which makes your teeth appear longer as you age? How disturbing is that?

Add that to your nose and ears drooping (or continuing to grow throughout your life as I've heard before) and hair leaving the places it should be to pop up in places it should never be...

All this is from one of the most disturbing and depressing articles that Liz sent me:

Beauty over 40: Five things they didn't tell you

So, let's see, smoking will take ten years off my life? The long teeth years? The droopy nose and big ears years? The liver spot and purple veins years? The women with teen wolf hair years?

Good God, why am I trying to quit?

...Now that I have been a non-smoker for A YEAR AND A HALF, I look forward to being "long in the tooth" (that's why there's porcelain veneers, right?)

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