Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2012 Meet and Greet: US Representative Mike Pence (R)

We should be exploring the possibilities for 2012. The candidate must be top-notch. Good looking. A strong orator. Smart. Funny. Truly Conservative (preferably with Libertarian leanings). And did I say good looking? It's important.

We'll look at their personal lives, at their voting records, at their soundbites, at what the Left thinks of them and then we'll discuss their strengths and weaknesses...

Let's start with US Representative Mike Pence (R):

What first caught my eye (other than as far as politicians go, he's a nice looking guy) was he has been called a "constant bee in the bonnet" of Nancy Pelosi. The second thing that struck me was the fact he's been re-elected 6 times in an area that has a history of being much friendlier to Democratic candidates.

He's the Chairman of the House Republican Conference (caucus), a lawyer and most likely a good orator as he started out as a radio talk show host...

On the Issues:

He has a wonderful 0% rating from NARAL.
A 7% rating from the ACLU.
17% from the NEA (teacher's union).
SANE gives him a 0%

You can see his entire voting record here.

"...[Mike Pence] sounded a note of optimism as he insisted that conservatism is at the "beginning of a comeback" and that we are collectively "on the brink of a great American awakening."

When he referred to an awakening, Pence seemed to include a spiritual element in his prediction of resurgence. Conservative agenda items like the free market, protecting nascent life, and the preservation of traditional marriage are clearly tied to his view of rights and duties invested in human beings by their creator.

In this regard, Pence struck me very much as a disciple of the late Jack Kemp. It is a kinship he claimed at various points in his speech. Certainly, he appeared, like Kemp to be a champion of what might be called the synthesis of Judeo-Christian and classical civilization over against the utilitarian social engineering of materialistic modernism..." (source)

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