Thursday, August 27, 2009

When Talking Points Collide: The Juxtaposition of Teddy & Dubya

When the Left is listing the components of "Bush's deficit", the prescription drug plan is in the list of things they rattle off. But when paying homage to the "political legend and legacy" of Edward Kennedy, his "behind the scenes bi-partisan work" to get the aforementioned prescription drug bill passed is heralded.

All day yesterday I was hearing both. This is a serious blip...aka "When talking points collide." When Democrats are looking to list things Bush did to get us into debt, that RX plan is mentioned. Never mind that Obama campaigned on the promise of a balanced budget (pshaw!) but when listing all the bills Teddy worked on the RX bill is also there. DO I need to be the one to point this out to Howard Dean? Isn't it his job to make sure the talking points jive?

What prompted me to write about it was when it came up used both ways in the same show and the same half hour. What a perfect YouTube video to blatantly show what we've all been saying for years...if the right does's bad, but if the left were the's glorious. Unfortunately, I don't have DVR or TEVO. Oh well, I'd be preaching to the choir anyway...

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