Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick, Death Panels and Litigious Americans

There are so many things whirling around in my head these days...which is the primary reason I started this site FIVE (can you believe it?) years ago. The sad fact that I haven't had time to blog and get these things out of my head and on to "paper" has given renewed life to my insomnia, subsequent exhaustion and an unfortunate general malaise...I thought if I at least jotted a few thoughts it might help.

First and foremost we have some Philly business to discuss: Michael Vick and The Eagles... People here were going insane last night... Truthfully, I can't say I care too much. I don't understand why people can't comprehend the simple fact that men who get paid to be Peter Pan (making millions to play a game and never grow up) are going to act like overgrown, spoiled children. Think of all the things professional athletes have been accused of...murder, rape, adultery, robbery, drugs, alcoholism and general mayhem. They are millionaire ID's. I'm not saying I didn't want to throw him into a ring of pit bulls when I saw pictures of his dogs, but is fighting pit bulls any worse than the other stuff? So if Andy Reed thinks bringing yet another thug to Philly will secure a ring...I say what's the difference? We've had Iverson and TO...what's another athletic hoodlum to add to the roster?

And as for the ongoing debate over "health care reform." (Isn't that terminology annoying --the RIGHT has been begging for tort reform for YEARS, but all of a sudden we're against "HC reform" ? Uh, no, we're against the "public option.")

I have two things.

First, the furor in the Left'osphere when Sarah Palin talked about the "death panels." So many of the Leftwing blogs were calling her a "bold faced liar." Now, I'm not 100% sure if the anger was genuine but here's the thing: They may not being proposed as death meetings --or even intended to be such. I think Sarah Palin and others are nervous about what they could evolve into. I doubt the brainchild of the welfare system envisioned recipients purchasing cigarettes and alcohol with taxpayer dollars (which is perfectly legal here in PA) or the Union pioneers imagined thugs slashing the tires of hard-working independents. Anything the government touches morphs into the worst possible version of itself...hence the "death panels."

Second, I have already mentioned the absolute folly of talking about health care reform without addressing the fact that litigation has replaced work ethics in this country. The same sittin'-on-the-couch-all-day people that are calling 1-800-LEGAL-ME for a scratch they got on the elevator door of their doctor's building that got infected when they cut their coke too close to it will be the people utilizing the public option and do you think that because they have free health care they'll change they're litigious ways?! NO! They are probably already have free health care through Medicaid and they will continue to sue and drive up malpractice and insurance costs --which, in a PUBLIC OPTION will be handled by the government (aka the TAX PAYER) See, right now the evil insurance companies are carrying the burden of the "I'll sue instead of work" crowd, but with will be ME AND YOU that pay for their flat screens...


On that note, have a great weekend all...

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