Thursday, August 13, 2009

DNC Plants and HuffPo Shills

The other day I said, "And my opinion, having been a part of the pro-life movement most of my life, is the kooks, people with swastikas and violent people are most likely plants from the left for the news cameras..."

And now the story breaks about the man with the Obama as Hitler poster at the Dingell town hall...being a Dingell supporter and, yes, a DNC plant.

Chris Savage at HuffPo couldn't wait to race home and post pictures of the crazy "right winger" with the Hitler Sign that was "foreshadowing of what was to come" inside the meeting... But, worse than that, read this paragraph from his piece:

"Did you even read the bill? I honestly couldn't believe they actually asked that. They asked the man that has been instrumental in writing legislation like this for over fifty years if he had read the bill he himself helped to write." (source)

He can't believe they asked that? I can't believe he wrote that. Imagine, constituents assuming their elected officials didn't read a bill they were promoting...whatever would give them that idea?!

And now that it turns out that this sign was made and paid for by a group that is promoting a "Single-payer Option"...have we seen a retraction from HuffPo? No way, they are shilling for the government over there... Listen to some of the headlines just from today:

How to Fight Healthcare Fearmongers and Demagogues
Why the National Debate is Still Conducted on the Right's Terms
Killing Grandma vs. Killing Babies/Fetuses
At the Threshold of Equality and Freedom
A Good Day for Health Reform
Tea Party Madness to Sweep the Nation?
Who Are These People Anyway? The Gang of Six and the Politics of Health Care Reform
Cockeyed Optimism is Better Than Cynicism
Let's Take the Stomachache Out of Health Care Reform: One Patient's Story

Do you suppose they are getting checks cut right from the Oval Office at this point?

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