Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Credit Where Credit is Due

Arlen Specter showed up in Lebanon, PA to face another hostile crowd. Not lobbyists or paid drones of the insurance companies, but people that have used forums and the blogs to COMMUNITY ORGANIZE, show up and speak their concerns.

I give Senator Specter props for showing up knowing what he would be facing, taking all the questions he did and even (at times) repeating hard questions for the rest of the audience to hear instead of rolling over them. He is facing his constituents while other Congressmen and women are punking out...

Truthfully, I felt a little teary watching the back and forth. I can't fathom Nancy Pelosi describing health care reform detractors "Un-American." THIS is as American as it gets! Dissent, discussion, debate! A Government of the people, for the people, and by the people! And my opinion, having been a part of the pro-life movement most of my life, is the kooks, people with swastikas and violent people are most likely plants from the left for news cameras...

Here has what Arlen Specter has pledged thus far:

He will not support a bill that:

-Increases the national debt.
-Allows illegal aliens access to free health care by way of a tax-funded, single payer system.
-Gives the Government access to the bank accounts of private citizens.
-Charges a 2% tax on citizens that opt for "unacceptable coverage." (He said this is "too vague" to have his support)

...he also claims that because of the Hyde Amendment none of the health care bills could include public-funded abortions.

So we'll see if Arlen keeps his promises... And we'll see how many other Senators and Representatives venture into their local lion's dens.

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