Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brainwashed Americans

No, this isn't another post about Socialized medicine, the thought police or the extent of b.s. The Obamatrons will attempt to justify his actions (Obamapoligists....?)

It's about yet another issue where Americans are often misguided and immature...and full of justifications for being so. And it's a subject that is close to my heart...literally.

For decades (centuries even) plastic kitchens, fake vacuums and china tea sets have been bestowed upon little girls encouraging them to emulate their mothers. Along with the aforemtioned accoutrements, little girls tote around baby dolls that suck from BPA-laden bottles, pee in potties and burp...once again, emulating mom.

But now that the Spanish have finally addressed the fact that many mothers (myself included) have never given their babies a bottle and created a breastfeeding baby doll....people are offended...disgusted even!?

I don't get it. EVERY formula bottle says right on it's label that breastfeeding is the best...so if we're having our little girls emulate us, why would we have them play at second best?

People are saying the doll is "over-sexualizing young girls"... OMG, can anyone really be this dumb? ADULTS sexualize breastfeeding--that's why people have a problem with ANY breastfeeding-real or simulated. Children see it for what it is: EATING. This doll might instill at an early age that it ISN'T sexual--and that (surprise,surprise) that's what boobs are for!

If you don't want to breastfeed-that's fine...and if you want to keep to the status quo and buy the doll with the bottle...that's perfectly okay with me too. So why is it those of us that do the better/natural/intended thing get hassle and attitude?!

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