Tuesday, August 25, 2009

...And We're Talking About Shorts?

"There's been a big fuss this week because Michelle Obama wore shorts. She's worn shorts before - to walk the dog, do stuff around the White House. But the photos of her wearing them in that iconic descending-from-Air-Force-One-onto-the-tarmac setting proved too much for the media. Obamas? Check. Summer news doldrums? Check. Controversy? Close enough. It was a story.

And people reacted. The Today Show's poll on whether she should have shown that much thigh got one of the show's biggest responses ever, with 83% pro-shorts. Local papers found "experts" to discuss the implications of the shorts for the Obama White House, international papers analyzed what it said about American culture, the blogosphere took up every angle from what this said about the objectification of women to the taxonomy of the shorts: Hot pants? Cutoffs? Booty Shorts? (See pictures of Michelle Obama's style evolution.)

Then, just as vehemently, there was a big fuss over the big fuss. Many people were given to observe that there were more important things to talk about. Several commentators pointed out that, in fact, the conflict was fake; nobody had come out, on the record, as being against the shorts.

But the truth is there was a conflict..." (source)

Now, the article goes on to say that people are upset because Michelle just doesn't look all that good in shorts and it was wrecking the public's view of her as a fashion icon. Good Lord. Being that I think she usually looks like Maria made her dress from the Von Trapp curtains, I had a different reaction...

Of course this will be taken as a racist sentiment AND IT'S NOT. I think the Obama's are trying to play act as if they were every day people (they made 44 million in 2008, so in actuality they are light years away from the common folk), but as they attempt to make themselves seem accessible to the American public...they are lowering the status/class of the office of the President. Personally, I don't want to think the President is a common man...I see common men around all the time and I pray my President is a bit more elevated than they. I don't want him wearing jeans and drinking Budweiser. I don't want his wife looking like she's ready to clean the garage.

Then again, I hate when men wear hats in restaurants too. I like etiquette, tradition and I love all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds the office of the president and the first lady. Jackie O would have never been caught dead in rumpled shorts and slicked back hair (and the hair should have been the issue, not the shorts).

So do I think showing leg is the issue? No, but I do take issue with the couple's relaxed attitude when it comes to their positions.

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