Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Senator Coburn on Point

Recently I have been thinking about all those questions that get side-stepped or answered with talking points that don't actually answer anything at all...

Such as: If the war was for oil, why did oil prices skyrocket? Or, if Michael Jackson is such a wonderful Black icon, why the 18 nose surgeries and the White kids? Or, why the giant push for Cap and Trade and all things Green if data shows warming actually ceased ELEVEN years ago?

While Senator Tom Coburn was questioning SCOTUS appointee Judge Sonia Sotomayor this morning, I had to get off my exercise bike twice to write down questions he posed to her that I found incredibly poignant and that I REALLY wanted her to answer (but knew she wouldn't) --maybe Honest Partisan will do us the honor in her stead?

First, on the issue of life and death made relevant by Roe V. Wade: Why is it legal for a State to make a determination of DEATH by the absence of a heartbeat and brainwaves, yet can't make a determination of LIFE by the presence of those same things?

Second, covering both gun control AND abortion: Why is it the the right to privacy (the basis for Roe) NOT spelled out in the 14th Amendment, yet legally GUARANTEED...but the right to bear arms, which is spelled out in the 2nd Amendment, ISN'T GUARANTEED!?

Two GREAT questions that I fear will end in that heap of legitimate inquiries that never get appropriately addressed...

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