Monday, July 06, 2009

Sarah Palin: Exit or Entrance?

By now everyone knows that political lightning rod, Sarah Palin, has resigned as Alaska's Governor. Though speculation is rampant, her explanation concerning ethic charges and personal attacks costing the state and her family too much money seemed quite feasible to me... (Not surprisingly the slimy Blogger that has been fabricating stories about Palin --even the FBI came out to set rumors started by this blogger straight--writes for HuffPo. And Shannyn (with a "Y") Moore's catalog of "articles" shows an exceedingly unhealthy obsession with Palin...)

But, if speculation is true and she's doing this to get ready for a 2012 run...I don't know how I feel about that. I think Palin needs more experience and quitting the job that most qualifies her to run a country may not have been in her best interest.

Speculation about 2012 is a tough one because, as of yet, I am not jazzed with any of the anointed ones and I think I know that was a major problem in our last election. I like Palin, but unfortunately the blood in the water after the last campaign has raised questions about her (fair or not the accusations from McCain's campaign staff lingers...) If she's planning on the 2012 run she has A LOT to do in preparation...

Speculation...? Thoughts...?

Oh, and to give credit when credit is due...big time lefty Bob Beckel openly admitted this morning on FNC that Palin was treated with a double standard by the press and that if any Democratic woman was treated like this...there would have been high level firings...

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