Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama Single-Handedly Solves Illegal Issue

Obama is a brilliant man! I finally see the light.

The illegal alien issue was a lose-lose proposition politically... Hispanics are soon to be the majority if census projections are to be believed and it's understandable that no one wants to alienate future voters.

So a border fence or sharp shooters are out of the question for any politician...the CHANGE has to take place on the down low.

People, that can afford to do so, come from all over the world come to the US for health care. Aspiring small business owners come here for a chance at attaining the American dream (and the endless possibilities currently provided by Capitalism). Illegals sneak over borders and disregard the expiration of VISAS not because of what this country COULD be, but because of what this country has always been!

But, what if instead of pissing off Mexicans by insinuating people should follow the rule of CHANGED THE COUNTRY instead?

If our health care system was the same as Canada's and the UK's and other European countries...their people will stop coming here. If the American Dream was sabotaged by oppressive taxation and small businesses were swallowed up by regulations demanded by unions and "green" lobbyists. If Capitalism was replaced by socialism...

No one would risk their lives to get here. It wouldn't be worth crossing an ocean or dealing with rape trees and the coyotes that create them... People would stay in their respective countries and we would regain all the monies that are currently being siphoned into the black hole of schooling and healing illegals.


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