Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Generating Revenue Without Class Warfare

I feel as if I should preface this post with a disclaimer. I am not a fan of marijuana. It's not due to any moral high ground, I've just never quite grasped the concept of being hooked on a downer...that being said:

One of the places I tend to part ways with my Conservative brethren is on the issue of drug legalization. I'm for it. I have been advocating for the legalization --and heavy taxation-- of marijuana for years.

As the country delves deeper into debt with bailouts, Cap and Trade and on the cusp of socialized medicine...opponents of legalizing marijuana need to take a long look at why they are against it. Tobacco is legal, alcohol, riding a motorcycle without a helmet and teenage strippers in Rhode smoking a little herb really worse than any of the aforementioned?

As Californians debate this issue the rest of the country should be entering the dialogue. Imagine how much revenue could be generated with a 9% (+) tax on locally grown marijuana...not to mention job creation. And if all non-violent drug offenders were released from prison. Add on the cessation of the ridiculous 'war on drugs' and we would have SO much money. (Estimations for California alone have been $1.4 billion!)

I'm fed up with hearing all these (unrealistic and unproductive) suggestions for generating cash that rely on more taxing of small business owners and play on America's nasty little habit of thriving in class warfare.

We have a cash cow just waiting to be milked...who will have the nerve to grab the teat?

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