Friday, July 03, 2009

Even Michael Jackson Turns Into A Race Debate...!?

Someone had said it would, but I didn''t believe it... How could anyone make this about race...?

And then I heard a professor from right here in Philly making the claim: (paraphrased) When BLACK celebrities die the media focuses on what they did wrong (pedophilia and drug use) but that's not the case for WHITE celebs. He then went on to say that because Michael was Black everyone was talking about Demerol and the alleged molestation, but no one every did that to Elvis, Johnny Cash or Heath Ledger. He really said that. When I think of any of the three of them I think of selfishness, drugs and excess...and Elvis was indeed a old was Priscilla when they got together, 13?

Someone said that "the Black community has so few heroes" that focusing on a little thing like possible pedophilia just isn''t fair.

First of all, whomever said that should crack a history book. The Black community has plenty of role models--and men/women that did a hellava lot more than moonwalk with a good voice. Possible heroes that weren''t man-children. ...have you ever read about Benjamin Banneker?

And I just don't get why the Black community would even look to claim someone who was maiming himself so he wouldn''t look like them. How many surgeries on his nose did he have? I know people with vitiligo...none of them turned white. And the most telling piece of evidence? The sperm donor for his kids was white--you would have thought he'd realize they should be half and half if he wanted top pretend they were his...but no, he so obviously thought of himself as white--and therefore made his kids white. Sick? Yes. But true.

So to make some big racial issue seems more than absurd.

I hoped that the "Era of O" would usher in a less racially charged that we have definitive proof that Americans are still way more sexist than they are racist...but, I swear, I feel like it's been worse since he won...and that sucks.

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