Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Alec Baldwin VS. Joe Lieberman?

"I wanted to be president of the United States. I really did. The older I get, the less preposterous the idea seems." ~Alec Baldwin

"...A native New Yorker, [Alec] Baldwin said he has been approached by an unnamed Democratic law firm who wanted him to run for governor of Ohio, and he has also considered moving to New Jersey or Connecticut to run for office. "I'd love to run against Joe Lieberman," Baldwin said of the Independent Democratic senator who is no favorite of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

Asked if he had ever turned down a sketch on Saturday Night Live, because it was too outrageous, Baldwin responded, "Probably a few. It's hard to remember. I'm often asked if I think about going into politics. If I do, these guys will have a field day. I've given them so much crap to use against me… If I run for political office, they'll have a forest of material to kill me with." (source)

Ya know, I'd love to say this is ridiculous...that they man has too crazy of a past (hello, emotionally abusive father)...no political experience...and that too many people respect the hell outta Lieberman and the position of Congressional leader to make a mockery of it. But we have a novice in the White House. We have an SNL comedian getting sworn into the Congress today. And the Democrats already have Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Jerry Springer...Baldwin might just fit right in...

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