Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Voight, Youngs Cons and I Don't Want to Pay for a Train I Don't Ride

I have SO many things written down that I want to write about, but with the school year coming to an end, the baby deciding he wants to walk and wreak havoc at 8 months and a major project at our house coming to a head...I have NO time. Over the next two weeks I will try to get some things up here, and would be glad to post some GUEST POSTS should they be forth coming...(hint, hint) :)

  • In the interim you can check out the Young Cons Rap if you haven't seen it yet. Love or hate rap (I like some and hate some) this one has lyrics you'll like!

  • ..And Jon Voight's great speech (dying to know Angelina's thoughts on this) where he calls Obama "wildly radical" and a "false prophet." I know they're playing snippets on the news, but the whole speech is worth listening to...

  • Only under the Obama administration (well, maybe under a Gore Admin too) could farmers be charged for cow farts...At first read it's funny, but truly it's sad. And this on the heels of NASA's new genius study that suggests the sun has a role to play with the earths heat.

  • I have a new educate people on why AMTRAK needs to be closed and shuttered...but we'll delve into the that at a later date.

  • Send any Guest post submissions to me at this email addy with "GUEST POST" in the subject line. Thanks!

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